DIY Minnie Mouse Wreath

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DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration
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Get the BOW-tique set up for a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party with this iconic set of ears all topped with a big pink bow! This DIY backdrop will make a big impact and there will be no mistaking those big ears. Themed birthday parties can get expensive, so look for ways to use basics and DIY your own decorations! This fun party prop looks like one of the most recognizable characters of all time yet it doesn’t come with a high price tag. Learn how to create this fun Minnie Mouse decoration out of inexpensive items, like pool noodles and paper napkins. Personalize it with your birthday girl’s name or just include a special birthday message.

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Check out her blog for tons of crafty tips for parties and life!

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration Supplies


DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration Step 1

Curve a pool noodle and use duct tape to tape it to itself in a circle shape. Repeat with a second pool noodle. Use duct tape to attach two additional pool noodles together to create one large ring.  Attach these all together to create the classic Minnie Mouse head shape!

Tip: If you feel any shapes are too long, use a serrated knife to cut the pool noodle.

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration Step 2

Unfold a black paper napkin and wrap it around the Minnie Mouse shape. Continue until the full shape is covered in black napkins as a base.

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration Step 3

Open the paper napkin and rip into four squares along the folded lines. Work through the entire stack of napkins before moving onto the next step.

Scrunch slightly and add a dab of hot glue to the bottom and stick to the pool noodle shape.

Continue until the full shape is covered. Our pool noodle shape used about 2 packages of black napkins.

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration Step 4

Unfold your plastic table cover and cut in half lengthwise. Keep one piece as is for the bow shape and cut a skinnier long piece from the second piece.

Fold the two ends of the first piece into the center.

Scrunch the center to form a bow shape. Take the long skinny piece saved earlier and tie it around the center to create the scrunched bow shape.

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears Decoration Step 5

Tie this table cover bow onto the center of your pool noodles to turn the design from a Mickey to a Minnie!

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Use this piece as a fun backdrop for your party table or as a photo booth.

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

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