DIY Monster Truck Trophy

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DIY Monster Truck Trophy
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At the end of your Monster Truck party obstacle course activity, award winners with a prize! Craft up a unique DIY Monster Truck Trophy they’ve never seen before! Use inexpensive items and those you already have on hand to create a one-of-a-kind reward for the fastest finisher, cleanest competitor, best show of sportsmanship or any theme you determine for your party.

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DIY Monster Truck Trophy Supplies


DIY Monster Truck Trophy Step 1

To create the taller trophy, adhere 4 candy tubes closed with tops on both ends. Adhere these four tubes on top of a small wood plaque and adhere another wood plaque on top. Adhere a recycled tin can on top and a mini monster truck toy at the very top. This is your basic trophy shape.

To create the smaller trophies, adhere a tin can onto a small wood plaque.

Adhere additional elements, such as plastic beads, nuts and bolts or numbers to embellish the trophies further. Allow this to dry completely.

DIY Monster Truck Trophy Step 2

Create a spray booth by cutting the top and 1 side of a cardboard box open. Place your trophy inside and apply several light coats of spray paint onto all sides. Allow time to dry between coats.

DIY Monster Truck Trophy Step 3

DIY Monster Truck Trophy Step 4

DIY Monster Truck Trophy

Once completely dry, display these DIY treasures at your monster truck dessert table and get everyone ready to complete in your backyard obstacle course!

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