DIY Nautical Snack Boat

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Ahoy there matey! Looking for a cute way to serve goodies at your Nautical themed party? Well shiver me timbers, look no further! It will be smooth sailing once you see how easy it is to create these quick and simple snack boats with a paper napkin sail. This DIY is so easy you’ll want to make an entire fleet of ships to float all the party nibbles from the galleys into the mouths of the skipper and every mate!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs created and photographed this sailboat full of snacks! It’s amazing what combining a few inexpensive party supplies can create. So why not drop anchor and stick around to see how to put some basic party supplies to new uses.

Nautical Boat Snack Supplies


Nautical Boat Snack Step 1

To create the sail for the boat, glue a paper napkin onto a piece of cardstock.

Nautical Boat Snack Step 2

Make two holes in the middle of the cardstock about an inch from the edge, one towards the top and one towards the bottom,. Slip the thin wooden dowel through this hole.

Nautical Boat Snack Step 3

Add an extra pop of color by covering up the wood dowel with paper straws. Measure and cut the straw into pieces to hide the exposed parts of the dowel.

Nautical Boat Snack Step 4

Remove the lid from the play dough and insert the dowel into it. This dough should support your sail. If it’s wobbly, you may need to adjust the size of your sail to be slightly smaller.

Nautical Boat Snack Step 5

Cover the entire dough base with foil to protect anything you plan to place inside.

Nautical Boat Snack Step Fish and Chips

Fill your boat with snacks. Consider potato chips and goldfish crackers for a “Fish and Chips” concept or Swedish fish for a sweet treat!

Nautical Boat Snack Final Look

This snack boat is sure to make waves at your next birthday splash. Are you planning on setting sail? Coast on over to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share pics of your party vessels with us!

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