DIY Olympic Torch

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DIY Olympic Torch Tutorial
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Here’s one way to help get you fired up for the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Set your Olympic Watch Party décor on fire with this simple torch DIY. With a little spray paint and tissue paper, you can transform the unexpected into one of the Olympics most iconic symbols.

We pass this knowledge onto you and hope that you will pass it to another and that they will pass it on, and then they will pass it on, and then they will pass it on… ya know, like the runners lighting the big Olympic flame?

Let’s get started.

DIY Olympic Torch Tutorial Supplies

The supply list is short:

DIY Olympic Torch Tutorial Step 1

Step One:  Spray paint the drinking glass. Allow to dry.

DIY Olympic Torch Tutorial Step 2

Step Two:  Fold and shape tissue paper into “flames” then secure with rubber band. (TIP: For more realistic flames, trim tissue into random points.)

DIY Olympic Torch Tutorial Step 3

Step Three: Stuff flames into the glass. Secure with glue if necessary.

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