DIY Party Hat Piñata

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One way to make sure your next party is a total smash is to hang up a piñata, line up the guests, tie on a blindfold and hand over a bat. The guest will be swinging in no time and before you know it the candy will be flying. This tradition has withstood the test of time and never fails to please the crowd when played safely. But if smashing a hollow paper-mâché effigy of a rainbow donkey seems to close to cruelty, there’s an easy way to keep the activity rated G.

Follow the steps below and we will show you how you can take an ordinary party hat and transform it into a kid friendly pull string piñata. For all the folks out there still looking to take a chance with the pinata bat, it will still work the old fashioned way, but it’s nice to have the option.



Step 1. Cut a piece of yellow ribbon, approximately 18” and fold in half. Insert the loose ends through the small opening in the top of the party hat.

Step 2. Tie the loose ends together, making the knot large enough to keep the ribbon from sliding back out the top.


Step 3. Cut a strip of yellow crepe paper, approximately 8”, and fold in half lengthwise.

Step 4. Starting with the open side of the fold, cut tiny slits along the entire folded strip.

Step 5. Tape the folded side of crepe paper strip to the party hat, starting at the top of the hat, curving the strip.

Step 7. Continue taping the strip to the hat, curving the strip as you add the tape. It’s easier to use smaller pieces of tape when curving the crepe paper, than to use one big piece.


Step 8. Repeat steps 3-6 with light blue crepe paper and blue washi tape. The blue strip should slightly overlap the yellow strip.

Step 9. Repeat steps 3-6 with the remaining colors. When you have gone through all the colors, repeat them again, until the entire hat is filled. As you wrap the crepe paper around the hat, each piece will get shorter. Fluff up the pieces of crepe paper.


Step 10. Trace the bottom of the party hat on the yellow craft foam.

Step 11. Make a smaller circle inside the larger circle.

Step 12. Cut out the  big foam circle and the smaller circle in the middle so you have a doughnut shape. Hot glue it to the bottom of the hat. Save the smaller inner circle to use as a template in the next step.


Step 13. Draw a circle on the yellow construction paper, slightly larger than the foam circle.

Step 14. Cut out the construction paper circle. Punch a hole in the middle of the circle. Cut one, 18” piece of curling ribbon from each of the five colors. Thread the ribbons through the hole and tie the ends together.

Step 15. Fill the hat with candy. Insert the construction paper circle in the hat and flatten it. The construction paper will keep the candy inside the hat. When you pull the ribbons, the paper will pop out, releasing the candy.


The pinata hat is complete! You can make a few piñatas and give them out as party favors or use them to decorate.

If you make your own pinata, show us what a hit it is at your party by sharing pics with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!




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