DIY Party Theme: Cowboy Birthday

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Round up the kids and saddle up your horses for a wild west cowboy party that’s sure to be the best birthday ever.

Kids will throw horseshoes, feed the ponies, ride a race and much more. With some imagination and this easy 1,2,3 party guide the party possibilities are endless!

Cowboy Birthday Party Invitations & Decorations

It’s easy to give your party that old west feeling if you have the right party items to set the stage. We’ve provided plenty of inspirational ideas to choose from.

  • Wrap invitations around a bottle of Sarsaparilla or root beer and deliver them by hand.
  • Make invitations that resemble a WANTED poster.
  • Design a wild west display at the party entrance welcoming the cowpokes to a fun party with a bale of hay, cowboy hat and a coil of rancher’s rope.
  • Decorate your front door with butcher paper and draw or paint a wood barn door.
  • Bales of hay are great to use for decor, photo props, a cowboy obstacle course and even a great place for cowboys to rest their weary bones.
  • Your computer will be useful to create personalized wanted posters for each child, don’t forget the outlaw names such as “Terrifying Tom” or “Claim Jumpin’ Joe”
  • Cover the party and craft tables with red and white checked table clothes. Make your own centerpiece by tying a bouquet of balloons to a horseshoe and scatter peanuts (in shell) all around the table top and place a plastic boot cup at each place setting.
  • If you are including balloons and streamers the colors scheme varies; red and blue, brown and gold or red and black.
  • Western party decorations to include… burlap, denim, saddles, bridles, horseshoes, bandannas, cowboy hats, boots, non-breakable horse figurines, horse stuffed animals, posters, enamel ware and kid-safe camping lanterns.
  • Are you an ambitious party host?  Try transforming the party space into a western play town using cardboard appliance boxes and poster paint.
  • Once the decorations are all in place play some music to set the mood. Songs like Home on the Range, Back in the Saddle Again or theme songs for classic western shows will fill the bill.

Cowboy Birthday Party Games & Crafts

Engaging party games and fun activities will create a memorable Western cowboy party theme. Here’s a list of the most popular cowboy party ideas. Pick your favorites to include in your celebration.

  • Greet your party guests with a cowboy bandanna or neckerchief and sheriff badge to wear.
  • Cowboys love a rodeo obstacle course using saw horses, bales of hay.
  • Run a “Giddy-Up” relay race with broom stick horses. Use hay bales or wooden crates for obstacles and markers.
  • Play a game of horseshoes.
  • Make a “feed the pony” bean bag toss game.
  • Knock over tin cans with bean bags or a squirt gun.
  • New twist on a party favorite – play a cowboy version pin the tail on the donkey with a horse or pin the mustache on the cowboy.
  • Search for hidden toy horses and gold coins in a pile of hay.
  • Make a cowboy treasure hunt with hidden horseshoe clues.
  • Play a few rounds of the party game “What’s Missing” using western items such as a horseshoe, sheriff’s badge, small cowboy boot and horse figurines.
  • Pinata fun – a cowboy boot, or hat pull string piñata will match your theme.
  • Run a dress-up relay race with a western flare.
  • New twist on a party favorite – play a cowboy version of the Clothespin Drop game using a cowboy boot.
  • Guess how many peanuts in a jar – or use old fashioned candies, red and black jelly beans or gold wrapped bubble gum coins.
  • Play Round up the Cattle which is just a western way of playing tag. When a player is tagged they have to go to the corral.
  • Teach the kids how to tie their very own rancher’s knots.
  • Go on a hayride.

Cowboy Birthday Party Food & Favors

Settle hungry cowboys down at the party table for a good meal, tasty treats and send them home with a sack of fun favors.Cowboy2

  • If you are providing a meal, serve hot dogs, beans, corn on the cob and root beer floats.
  • Or serve up a big crock pot of chili with golden cheese medallions on the side.
  • Finger food such as popcorn, pretzels and trail mix are easy to eat for little cowboys on the go when you serve them in brown bags.
  • Make simple frosted cupcakes and top with a plastic sheriff’s star. For presentation purposes, display the cupcakes around a cowboy hat or plastic horse figurine.
  • Similar to the suggestion above… except frost the cupcakes green and top with toasted coconut (hay) then top with a small plastic horse figurine.
  • Make a horse corral cake with a green frosted sheet cake. Use large pretzel rods to make fence posts and wrap shoe-string licorice around the posts to make the fence. Then place small plastic horses inside the corral.
  • Wrap party favors in a bandanna and tie the corners
  • Fill a child’s play cowboy hat with fun theme related items or tie them all up in a bandanna:
    – Root beer
    – Chewing gum
    – Peanuts
    – Cracked corn
    – Toy Horses or Beanie Horse
    – Horse stickers
    – Crayons and mini coloring book
    – Old fashioned candies such as root beer, lemon or licorice hard candies ( for safety, keep ages in mind)