DIY Patriotic Decor – Straw Vases

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Just in case you need to beat the heat this Fourth of July and move the party indoors, make sure your indoor decor is just as popping as the fire works display outside. We bring you this simple how-to for these Paper Straw Firecracker Vases. They are sure to add definite bang to any tabletop.

It seems like summer has barely begun, but this is the last of our DIY Patriotic Holiday Decor series. Catch up on the others here: Patriotic Pinwheels, Flag Wreath, Patriotic Pillows.

DIY Patriotic Straw

Pull this look together with a few add-ons like lanterns and fresh flowers. A stack of books can help you vary the height of the vases- book worm bonus points for keeping with the red, white and blue theme!

DIY Patriotic Straw Vase Materials

The supply list again is minimal, but the visual impact powerful.

DIY Patriotic Straw Vase Step 1

Start by wrapping milk bottles with cardstock. Clear tape is all you need to hold the paper to the glass.

DIY Patriotic Straw Vase Step 2

Hot glue paper straws to both the cardstock and each other, working around the bottle adjusting spacing as needed to fill in the last gap.

TIP: Keep an eye on the straightness of the straws. If they start to go askew, slightly adjust the remaining straws along the top or bottom edges to get back to 90 degrees again.DIY Patriotic Straw Vase Final

We hope these ideas spark some creative Patriotic DIY crafting and help to fill your home with colorful reminders of our nation’s heritage and history. Have a safe and fabulous summer! Share your DIY Stars and Stripes projects with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Pin the helpful guide below to your Pinterest board.

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