DIY Patriotic Decor – Wreath

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Welcome to the next installation of our DIY Patriotic Decorations series. As the days heat up the time has come to fill our homes with all things red, white and blue. That iconic color trifecta that represents so much to our nation and its ideals.  To help you get your patriotic holiday décor ready for this season of fireworks, picnics and star-spangled banners, we’ve got some quick and easy DIY project ideas using, you guessed it, party supplies. Let us walk you through the steps below and before you know it you’ll have your own broad stripes and bright stars to gallantly dress up your entranceway.

We already started this series with this pinwheel project. Now, let’s jazz up the front door. This Cello Bag Flag Wreath requires very few supplies but the finished impact is huge.

Patriotic Flag Style Wreath

Cello Favor Bags in blue polka dots and red stripes give the wreath its flag feel and because the bags are plastic, it’s ready for any kind of weather.

Patriotic Flag Style Wreath Materials

First step, trim off the closed end of the bags. No worries if the cuts aren’t straight. No one will ever notice once the wreath is finished.

Patriotic Flag Style Wreath Step One

Next, thread each bag under two wires, pull the sides together and secure with the included twist ties.

Patriotic Flag Style Wreath Technique Close Up

Once secure, pull the bag ends apart to create volume. Use the blue polka dot bags to cover 1/4 of the wreath form. This area will represent the Blue and white star section.

Patriotic Flag Style Wreath Progress

Finish off the rest of the wreath with the red striped bags, working your way around the form until you are happy with the fullness of the wreath.

Patriotic Flag Style Wreath Close Up

The final wreath will look something like this.

We hope these ideas spark some creative Patriotic DIY crafting and help to fill your home with colorful reminders of our nation’s heritage and history. If you’ll be DIY’ing your own decorations for the next patriotic Celebration, make sure to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Pin the guide below to your Pinterest board.

Have a safe and fabulous summer☀️!

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