DIY Solar System Decoration

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DIY Solar System Decoration
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Seeing the Solar System in real life has a way of expanding our perspective on things. Seeing our humble blue planet tucked in among a string of others and then imagining the countless stars in the darkness beyond. Suddenly our world seems kinda small and the possibilities seem endless. Maybe you know a budding astronaut who is star struck about the stars. Then this DIY project is for you.

Install this decoration into a space themed bedroom or playroom or consider throwing an outer space themed birthday party for the young astronomer in your life. Send your outer space party décor into orbit with these planetary paper lanterns. They require only a few down-to-earth materials but the finished product is out of this world!

DIY Solar System Decoration Supplies

Use variously sized paper lanterns and custom paint a base color on each to get that true solar system look. You will need mostly red, blue, green and brown paint.

If you have red, yellow, blue, black and white paint you can theoretically make any color. If you don’t know how to mix colors then you will need to buy a few colors. Search the web for planet pictures to use as inspiration.

DIY Solar System Decoration Step 1

STEP ONE:  Paint lanterns a base color and allow to dry. (TIP: To save a step, use colored lanterns as the base.)

DIY Solar System Decoration Step 2

STEP TWO: Tear tissue paper into needed shapes and strips using planet pictures for reference.

DIY Solar System Decoration Step 3

STEP THREE: Adhere shapes and strips to lantern using decoupage medium. Once dry, seal with a thin all-over coat.

DIY Solar System Decoration Step 4

STEP FOUR: Attach monofilament and hang in orbital order.

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