DIY Succulent Dreamcatcher Wreath for Mother’s Day

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Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher
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Bring forth the boho vibe of your special Mother’s Day brunch with a unique backdrop item. See how to use a hula hoop as the base and create a wreath filled with rustic texture from hemp twine, colorful accents from ribbons and dot garlands, a subtly sweet accent from the lace pennants and some greenery from the faux succulents attached. Hang this showstopper behind your Momosa bar and serve up an assortment of beverages for your gaggle of awesome moms!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. When she’s not staging parties and crafting up DIY projects, she sharing helpful tips on her blog. Check it out!

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Supplies

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Supplies 2


  • Cardstock letters
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Step 1

Wrap your hula hoop with ribbon, using hot glue to secure.

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Step 2

Tie a piece of hemp twine to the edge of the hula hoop and stretch across the center to the other side. Wrap around one time and continue to create criss-cross patterns through the open middle to create a unique pattern in the center of the hula hoop space.

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Step 3

Use a combination of floral wire, fishing line or hot glue to add the faux greenery to the bottom of the decorated hula hoop.

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Step 4

Hula Hoop Succulent Dreamcatcher Step 5

Remove the white ribbon from the lace garland and replace with hemp twine. Tie three pennants across the center of the hula hoop wreath. Embellish with purple cardstock letters spelling “MOM.”

Tie three strands of purple dot garland from the bottom of the hula hoop ornament to help create a vertical feel.

Mother's Day Brunch - Surrounded by Succulents

Once complete, using fishing line to hang this wreath behind your dessert table or bar cart. Add a lace curtain behind to complete the earthy boho look and get ready to celebrate fellow awesome moms, including your own, this Mother’s Day!

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