DIY Top Hat Christmas Centerpiece

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Everyone knows Frosty the Snowman. You know his corn cob pipe and his button nose, and you’d never forget his two eyes made out of coal. But we so often overlook the one thing that holds all the magic of Frosty together: his hat! So maybe we didn’t find an old silk hat, and it might not be magical, but that doesn’t mean your Christmas dinner table can’t be full of happy people ready to dance and sing!

The holiday season is all about gathering loved ones near and enjoying some fun times together. But these festive celebrations can get expensive when doing it with a large group. Consider this quick, easy and affordable Top Hat Centerpiece for your next Christmas bash to place on all the party tables. Place this Christmas Top Hat centerpiece front and center all on its own or wrap a festive buffalo plaid scarf around it for an extra special touch.

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed this Frosty’s top hat Christmas centerpiece.


christmas-top-hat-centerpiece-2-tulleOverlap your roll of tulle to make a few stacked layers. Use twine to secure this bundle. Repeat to make a second bundle.

christmas-top-hat-centerpiece-3-glueApply a dab of hot glue onto the back of the die cut shape and glue the tulle bundles in place.

Apply hot glue to the back of your holiday wreath picks and press onto the top hat. These wreath picks can be found at any craft store, big box shop or even the dollar store! Tip: Don’t apply the glue directly to the hat as the nozzle tip of the glue gun make burn through it!

christmas-top-hat-centerpiece-4-signApply hot glue and attach this decorated die cut shape onto the hat covering up the pick slightly.

Chalk a message, such as “let it snow” on the chalkboard pick and insert it behind the diecut shape. You may want to use glue to secure. Tip: Depending on the size of the wreath picks you chose, you may need to trim the chalkboard pick to not be too top heavy.

christmas-top-hat-centerpiece-final1In no time you’ve turned Frosty’s headwear into a festive tabletop decoration. Consider this quick and easy centerpiece design for other party themes as well! Switch out some of the accessory items and this centerpiece design can easily be remade to ring in the new year! Add a white glove, red scarf and a pack of playing cards and this top hat design can be a magical centerpiece for a magic themed party!

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