Check Out This Clawsome DIY Wolverine Hand Centerpiece!

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Between his signature mutton chops and his insanely quick recovery time, Logan, or Wolverine, has a variety of trademarks. None greater, though, than the adamantium claws protruding through his knuckles. Why not invite him to your next big bash? This centerpiece makes for a great party craft and is the perfect way to get the kids helping with planning.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll have a unique guardian protecting the hors d’oeuvres table. What better guest for your little superhero’s birthday than the leader of the X-Men?


  • Masking Tape
  • Plastic Straw
  • Heavy Weight or Coated Paper Plate
  • Yellow Duct Tape
  • Wolverine Claws
  • Plastic Party Cup
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Blue Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Craft Knife
  • Newspaper

Step 1. Follow these instructions to make a masking tape hand. When making the hand, bend all the fingers forward to resemble an open fist. After cutting and removing the tape from your model’s hand, don’t tape it back together yet.

Wolverine Step 1

Step 2. Place the wrist around an upside down plastic party cup. Tape the wrist to the cup, this will create a nice, strong base for the hand.

Wolverine Step 2

Step 3. Detach the wolverine claws, so you have 3 individual blades. Place the 1st blade between the index and middle finger, as shown and add some tape to secure.

Step 4. Turn the hand up and place some tape across the top of the fingers as well. The blade should be secure, but it might be a little wobbly, you will add more glue in a future step.

Step 5. Repeat steps 3-4 with the remaining 2 blades, putting them between each of the other fingers.

Step 6. Stuff the hand with crinkled up newspaper, to provide extra support.

Step 7. Tape the hand closed. Use lots of small pieces of tape, the extra tape will add support and smaller pieces will keep the hand from getting too bulky.

Step 8. Use the hot glue in between the fingers and blades to help secure them even more. The trick is to try and evenly space the blades, and then glue.

Wolverine Step 4

Step 9. Paint the hand. For the classic Wolverine glove from the comics, use a light blue paint. Let dry.

Step 10. For the back of the glove, add yellow duct tape to mimic the stripes on Wolverine’s glove. It’s easier to make clean stripes using tape but you could use paint.

Step 11. The hand is done, but it might be top heavy with the gloves. Add a base will help the hand remain upright. Paint the bottom of a weighted paper plate black. Let dry.

Step 12. Turn the plate over and paint the front yellow. Let dry.

Step 13. Trace the base of the hand in the middle of the plate.

Step 14. Divide the traced circle into at least 6 parts (like a pizza). Use the craft knife to cut the straight lines.

Wolverine Final

Step 15. Flip the plate over, so the black side is face up and gently place the base of the hand through the opening in the plate. The hand will look like it broke through the plate.

Step 16. Use this Wolverine hand as an awesome centerpiece at your comic-themed birthday party!

While we can’t help you host your party at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers, we can certainly assist you in decorating appropriately. If you make this craft be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Make this hand the centerpiece at your X-Men Birthday Party. Click here for even more Marvel Comics party supplies.