Donut Party Birthday Ideas

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Donut Party Birthday Ideas
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When you officially turn a decade old, you should celebrate in a sweet way, with DONUTS! In lieu of accents of glitter, choose accents of sprinkles throughout your displays for this sugar high birthday bash.  Powdered, maple bacon flavored or plainly glazed, guests can enjoy their donut of choice displayed when choosing from your DIY donut pegboard wall!  From sprinkles covered centerpieces to mini bottles of these sweet toppings for party favors, guests will have a HOLE lot of fun celebrating turning 10 with your donut birthday party!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Check out her blog and feast on all her sweet ideas for parties and simple tips for life!


Donut Party Birthday Invitation

Donut Party Birthday Invitation Ideas

You DONUT want your friends to miss this party! And they won’t when you send one of these shaker card invitations to their mailbox!


Donut Party Birthday Decorations

Create a little donut shop in the comfort of your own home for your donut party!  Use your colorful tableware as inspiration for your color palette.

Donut Party Birthday Table

Donut Party Birthday Decoration Details

Glazed, sprinkle covered or powdered, everyone can have their pick of donuts when choosing from the visual display of your donut pegboard frames. Learn how to make this fun DIY donut display to step up your food display game!

Donut Party Birthday Table Details

Create a fun centerpiece for your party with a mixture of lights, letters and sprinkles! Create height with boxes wrapped in decorative gift wrap and top the tower with sprinkle covered paper mache letters.  DONUT forget to bring in your best party puns with a light box!

Donut Party Birthday Table Overhead

Food & Drink

Donut Party Birthday Donuts

Guess what you serve at a donut party? DONUTS of course!

Donut Party Birthday Tableware

And not only deliciously fluffy and sugar filled donuts, but also things that go well with donuts and things that LOOK like donuts!

Donut Party Birthday Food Details

Besides the ring style, donuts hung on your DIY pegboards, offer donut holes in the perfect cups for those who only want a nibble.

Donut Party Birthday Donut Ideas

If they’re not up for ALL donuts 24/7, they can still satisfy their sweet tooth. These adorable “10” cookies fit the party theme with a donut look and colorful sprinkles. Cherylin of Treat YoSelf Treats shows how to make these royal icing donut number cookies to help fill your dessert table.

Donut Party Birthday Drinks

What goes better with donuts and cookies than ice cold milk to wash it down?  Fill up glass milk bottles with white or chocolate milk and add a colorful straw decorated with a little paper flag inside!

A simple melon baller will make those health conscious friends happy when they see some skewers of fruit “donuts” for their enjoyment. Or bust out an apple corer and make apple “donuts” to health up the nibbles!


Donut Party Birthday Activities

Be prepared to have a HOLE lot of fun at your donut party! Here are some ideas to get creative with some easy DIY party activities:

  • Upon entering the party, encourage friends to leave their mark on your canvas guestbook. A single thumbprint can be added to the painted donut canvas which can later make a sweet piece of wall art to capture this milestone birthday celebration.
  • Now that you and your friends are all sugared up with donut delights, you may want to avoid high impact activity. Consider creating a fun, yet safe, punch box to entertain friends and let them earn a little prize.
  • Play a round of ring toss, only make the rings look like donuts!
  • Is there ever a better time to play the good old donut on a string game?


Donut Party Birthday Favors

If you want to thank your friends for celebrating your birthday, consider sprinkling them with love – literally! Gift them little jars filled with rainbow sprinkles and a decorative tag so they can keep the partyfeelsl going once home and baking up their own special treats.

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