Doughnut On a String Game

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This game is was originally designed as a Halloween party game but you can adapt for a birthday party or any type of fun gathering. 

doughnut game

Whether you spell it Doughnut to Donut — wont matter with this game,  because they taste as good just the same! This traditional party game for kids (adults have fun with it too) ages 5 and up and is played most often at Halloween parties and the object of the game is to be the first player to eat a doughnut without using your hands!

You’ll Need:

  • Donuts one for each player or more
  • String
  • A tree or other place to hang the doughnuts
  • Prizes

Before the Party:

  1. Locate a tree branch,  deck railing or anything from which you can hang the doughnuts.
  2. Thread the string through the center hole in a doughnut and gently tie it so it will hang from the length of string.
  3. Holding the string and doughnut, estimate the height of the faces of the players and tie the string around the branch so that the doughnuts will hang at the proper height. Hang more donuts, about two  feet apart, positioning some a bit lower and some a bit higher to accommodate shorter and taller players.

Party Time: 

  1. Ask each player to choose a doughnut that is at a comfortable height and stand beside it.
  2. Explain the rules –  that all players must keep their hands behind their backs and, at the signal, eat their doughnut. When they have eaten their doughnut, they should raise both hands to signal they are done. They can also shout if their mouths aren’t full
  3.  Count off “1-2-3 Go!” The first player to raise their hands win — you can have second and third place winners too!

Expert Party Tip – Please be careful to use plain doughnuts — DO NOT use powdered donuts or sugar covered, as that can be a choking hazard. I also suggest you make sure glasses of juice are near by.


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