Edgar Allen Poe Party

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Edgar Allan Poe Party Idea
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Is there anyone who needed a party invite more than Edgar Allen Poe? That guy could really have used some cheering up. Despite his lack of mirth, the creations from of the dark corners of his mind have withstood the test of time. He’s a certified literary legend! Too bad he was only paid a paltry $9 dollars for his world-famous poem about a one-word bird and and long-lost Lenore.

In honor of his spirit, gather your literary friends for a Poe inspired The Raven dinner party. We’ve got a library of macabre ideas to incorporate into your own dark and dreary fete. Jet-black ravens and vintage book pages are the foundational elements to the party’s décor. While hints of gold and roses add a touch of haunting elegance.

The Invitation

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Invitation

Start with a black cardstock base then layer on a book page matted with gold glitter paper. Top with a hand-trimmed raven adhered with foam adhesive for height. Print party info on parchment-like paper and glue inside. Wrap everything up with a Black Tulle bow adorned with a small red fabric rose.

The Front Door

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Wreath

Let guests know they are welcome to walk right in with this ominous feathered door wreath. Simply attach a set of Black Angelic Feather Wings to the center of a wire floral form then add a Crow Mask to the top. Finish off with a Chalkboard Sign ready to be filled with handwritten instructions.

The Backdrop

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Decorations

Set the party up in front of a cozy fireplace for an even more eerie ambiance. Dress the mantel with both literal and thematic items in a black, white and cream color scheme.

  • A framed sketch of the author makes an ideal focal point.
  • Span the mantel with an infamous quote banner.
  • A floral wreath made from book pages adds softness.
  • Play a literal homage to the poem with a raven topped lantern and a trio of framed quills.
  • There’s nothing weak and weary about a creepy DIY Black Tulle Get the tutorial here.

The Décor Details

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Details

  • An antique typewriter, even if Poe never used one, is a perfect decorative element. For more literary impact add a perched raven and a copy of the poem.
  • Red roses adorned with quills and set upon a copy of Poe’s poems are a direct reference to the mysterious admirer who for decades on Poe’s birthday left red roses on his grave.
  • Convert Haunted Mansion Candelabras from eerie to elegant by simply painting over the dripping blood.

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Table

Bring all the hauntingly pretty décor details to the dining table.

  • Stacked books, ravens, book page flowers and red roses combine to create a lux thematic atmosphere.
  • Anchor everything by setting them atop a DIY book page tablecloth covered in a Spider Web Table Runner.

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Table Details

  • Layer Trick-or-Treat Raven Dinner Plates over Lace Doilies and Gold Glitz Placemats for depth and interest. (TIP: Give plain white doilies some color by painting them with acrylic paint.)
  • Add height and thematic drama with quill and cork name cards.
  • Fold Black Stripe Luncheon Napkins into pockets and slip Gold Cutlery into them. Wrap with Black Tulle
  • Have fun with the dinner menu by giving your entrees and side dishes cleverly topical names.

The Food

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Food

Besides Poe Boy Sandwiches and Corn-on-the-Macabre, offer guests a myriad of delicious desserts.

  • These Coconut Blossom Cookies look like little raven nests.
  • Transform a Skull Candy Bowl into an instant cupcake stand by adding a black charger to the top.
  • Cream Cheese and Coconut Brownies play off the black, white and cream color scheme.

The Activity

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Activity

Keep guests busy with a Poe Party Trivia Game. Download the PDF here. Or have guests come prepared to recite their favorite Poe stanza(s) complete with props and sound effects. Hand out awards for the best performances.

The Favor

Edgar Allen Poe Themed Halloween Party Favor

Guests will be sure to remember the evening with these mini-rose bush take-home favors. Use Kraft Chevron Treat Bags to cover the bare plastic pots then tie thank you tags on with Black Tulle bows. Set flowers among a DIY Black Boa wreath, Realistic Plastic Skull and a framed raven print for a final eerie Poe reference.

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