Festivus Party Ideas

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Festivus Party Ideas
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If you’re fed up with the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas and are looking for a different way to celebrate, get ready to host a Festivus for the Rest of Us! This holiday was made famous in the 166th episode of the NBC sitcom, Seinfeld way back in 1997.  Festivus was created by the fictional patriarch, Frank Costanza, and includes its own traditions in food served, activities played and decorations displayed (or not displayed in this case). Take a walk down memory lane to this quotable episode and throw a Festivus party with your family this December 23rd following our party guide.

Brush up on your knowledge of Festivus traditions by watching “The Strike” epsidoe of Seinfeld. Or maybe just to get in the holiday spirit. These party tips and tricks created by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs will help you incorporate all the traditions that have caused George Costanza so many nightmares. From the pole and Airing of Grievances to the Feats of Strenght, we’ve got everything laid out to help you plan a Festivus your guests will never forget.

Festivus Party Invitations

Festivus Party Invite

Festivus Party Invite 2

If you’re looking for the digital approach for a Festivus party invitation, you can always go with Punchbowl but if you’re still pro snail mail, this free Festivus Party invite is easy to print and personalize with your party details.

Festivus Party Decorations

Festivus Party Decorations

Regular party planners will be sad to know that there’s a lack of decorations for this festive celebration. Instead, the patriarch of the Costanza family explains there is only an aluminum Festivus pole instead of a Christmas tree. Don’t bother decorating it with anything sparkly as he states that “tinsel is distracting.”

Festivus Party Pole & Sign

Build your own solid aluminum pole with a “very high strength to weight ratio” with a simple wood dowel stand to hold it on your table display using materials from the local hard improvement store.

Festivus Party Garland

Bend the rules a bit and share that famous “Happy Festivus for the rest of us” phrase via a printable garland hung behind your food display.

Festivus Party Decorations Garland

Make the place a bit homier with framed illustrated versions of the famous tv characters hung alongside.

Estelle may have set out her best dishes and plates for her sit down Festivus dinner but feel free to mix in some easier to clean up party basics, like these Festivus party plates, napkins, and cups for everyone to chow down.

Festivus Party Food and Drink

Festivus Party Food - Meatloaf

Festivus Party Food

Festivus Party Food - Potato & Peas

If you want to throw a traditional Festivus dinner party, your guests might feel a little underwhelmed by that famous episode’s food option: meatloaf on a bed of lettuce, mash potatoes and peas. Consider stretching out this theme just a bit and put out an assortment of food options featured in any of the 180 episodes of the show about nothing.

Festivus Party Food - Big Salad

You could add a big salad to your table, but don’t break up with your partner over it!

Hopefully no one gets addicted to a fried chicken platter you put out.

Tip: if guests bring marbled rye, serve it, don’t save it! Or else they might take it back home, like George.

Festivus Party Food - Soup

You weren’t banned from the Soup Nazi like Elaine, so go ahead and serve some delicious soup ladled into gold bowls as a side dish at your Festivus party.

Festivus Party Food - Junior Mints

Offer a platter of sweets straight from Seinfeld episodes. Junior Mints were made famous when Kramer accidentally dropped one while watching a splenectomy during a hospital surgery.

A king-sized Snickers bar is always a delicious snack option, especially when daintily enjoyed with a knife and fork like Mr. Pitt.

Festivus Party Food - Black & White Cookies

Hopefully guests can enjoy some bakery made black and white cookies and not break any non-vomit streaks as they did to Jerry!

Festivus Party Activities

Festivus is a celebration with its own traditional activities. Before dinner, get ready to bring up a bit of family history with the Airing of Grievances. This is the time to tell family and friends how they’ve been disappointed over the past year and how can that possibly start the night off on the wrong foot?

Festivus can be a long holiday as it only ends with the Feats of Strength! Here the head of the household may challenge someone to a wrestling match. Festivus is only over when the head of the household is pinned to the ground!  In case you aren’t up to the chore of pinning your pop, complete a little arm or thumb wrestling.

Festivus Party Photo Booth Props

If you want to make the night a little more light-hearted with a DIY photo booth of famous quotes shared on this popular Festivus episode.  Tip: display the photo props in a tin bucket or container and use them as extra decorations.

Festivus Party Favors

Festivus Party Favors

If you were hoping to have a healthy alcohol buzz at this Festivus celebration, you won’t be happy to hear that alcohol is not served at Festivus. George’s boss, Mr. Kruger, brought his own flask to the party and you can send your guests home with one, personalized with a little adhesive vinyl.

Fesitvus Party Favor Tag

Add a printable tag to end this Festivus celebration.

While tradition dictates that Festivus isn’t over until the head of the household has been pinned, your guests might have to settle in for the long haul. But if you follow along with these Fesitvus party tips and tricks, you’ll have a holiday celebration all will remember. In a fond way, unlike George and his many childhood nightmares resulting from the alternative holiday. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what your chosen celebration might be. And for the rest of us, Happy Festivus!

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Festivus Party Ideas

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