Fiesta Paper Flower Headband

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DIY Fiesta Flower Headband
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Here’s a simple way to show your Cinco de Mayo spirit! This paper napkin flower headband adds a pop of color to your Fiesta look without having to put on a full costume. Let your craftiness blossom with this colorful DIY. With minimal supplies and expense, you can make yourself a flower crown fit for any celebration- from garden parties to tropical luaus to music festivals and Mexican fiestas. Transform beverage napkins into beautiful flowers then attach blooms to a headband for a stunning floral display everyone will love wearing.

Here’s the step by step instructions to make one exactly like ours, but feel free to improvise with the size and colors of the flowers- whatever suits your occasion!

DIY Fiesta Flower Headband Supplies

We used beverage napkins for their smaller size but you could use luncheon napkins if that’s what you have on hand. If you use the larger size, some extra folding will be required. (See this tutorial for help with folding larger napkins.)

You will need:

DIY Fiesta Flower Headband Step 1

STEP 1- Scallop both NON-FOLD sides of the napkin. Scallop two napkins for each flower. Open napkins flat.

DIY Fiesta Flower Headband Step 2

STEP 2- Pull on napkin’s center to form a “stem”. Wrap the second napkin around first then twist and scrunch “stem” before wrapping with tape. Trim stem with scissors.

DIY Fiesta Flower Headband Step 3

STEP 3- Glue flowers to the headband. (TIP: glue flower petals to each other for added strength.)

DIY Fiesta Flower Headband Step 4

STEP 4- Use a 1 ½” x 4” piece of felt to cover the messy underside of the headband.  Fluff flowers and wear proudly.

DIY Fiesta Flower Headband

Pop this on top and you’ll be fresher than a whole bouquet of daisies!

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