DIY Party Themes: Firefighter Party

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Big trucks, tall ladders, flashing lights and really cool gear – Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a birthday with a firefighter theme?

Planning a memorable firefighter party for your birthday hero is as easy as 1,2,3 with this popular firefighter party guide.

Firefighter Party Invitations & Decorations

Make a fun invitation using a fire truck die-cut from the craft store or pictures from a magazine and cardstock paper.  Put “It’s A Four Alarm PARTY!” on the front and your party details on the back .Throwing a four alarm firefighter party is easy if you have the right party items to set the stage. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

  • Red and yellow are great colors to use for a firefighter party theme.
  • Cover your party table with a white table cloth. Lay strips of red and yellow streamers down the center of the table to make a runner. Then add red candies like red-hots or jelly beans for a finishing touch.
  • Set the table with red and yellow tableware or matching firefighter themed party items.
  • Use your cake as a centerpiece or tie a bundle of balloons, 1 yellow and 2 red balloons to a toy fire hat or engine.
  • Add red and yellow two-toned party plates.
  • How cool would it be to have a fire truck at your party?  A large appliance box can morph into a bright red fire truck with a can of red paint and a little imagination. You can add doors, windows, tin pie plate headlights, etc.
  • Decorate the front door with an “Engine House” sign. Use your child’s name and age in the poster…”Welcome to Engine House Bennett – Ladder Company 5”

Firefighter Birthday Party Games & Crafts

Give your guests plastic dress-up fire hats and large yellow t-shirts to wear for the party.Exciting party games and engaging crafts will create a fun-filled firefighter birthday party. Pick your favorites to include in your celebration.

  • A sticker emblem attached to the front is the shirt is a nice touch but you can also make emblems with fabric markers.
  • Relay races are perfect for a firefighter party theme…
    Run a firetruck race with cardboard box firetrucks, a bucket brigade relay race or a firefighter dress-up relay. If you cant decide, play all three!
  • New twist on a party favorite – play a firefighter version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with “Stick the Badge on the Firedog”.
  • Run through an exciting firefighter obstacle course.
  • Old game with a new twist…play a firefighter version of musical chairs with the music “Burning Down the House”
  • Provide a fire engine craft using tissue boxes covered in red paper. Then add craft foam tires, headlights and other items.
  • Firefighters can practice with a tee ball target game.
  • Red Collage  –  give each child a white cut out of a fire engine to decorate with red items such as paper, pom-poms, yarn, buttons, red patterned wall paper, magazine pictures etc. Use glue to attach the red on to the white truck cutout.
  • Set up a play clay table with red, orange and yellow play clay. Include rollers, fire truck, hydrant, dog and hat cookie cutters will tie the theme into this quiet craft activity.
  • A visit to your local Firehouse (planned well in advance) for a tour of the station house and a fire truck would be the ultimate Firefighter Party activity! Most fire districts have programs where the children can learn fire safety, see the equipment and get souvenirs.
  • If the weather outside is nice, get out the garden hose and stack plastic red party cups into a tower. See who can knock over the most!

Firefighter Party Food & Favors

Serve a real firehouse meal of chili, hot dogs or Sloppy Joes. Feed hungry little heroes and send them home with a small thank you gift. Here’s what’s popular for this party theme:

Fire Truck Cake

  • Bake your own cake using a fire truck cake pan or check out the super easy Fire Truck Cake (pictured right) that is featured on
  • Serve up yellow or orange Italian ice drinks to match the colors of this party. Kids love these drinks and a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkles on top is sure to please.
  • Use small plastic firefighter figures to top red frosted cupcakes.
  • Everyone goes home happy with fire truck party favors created by filling mini-fire hats with stickers, fruit snacks, bubbles, and a toy Dalmatian fire dog.