Game of Thrones Party Ideas

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Game of Thrones Party Ideas
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Those who play the game of thrones will win or die and over the last seven seasons, we’ve seen a lot of characters perish. But with the premiere of the 8th and final season right around the corner, winter is here and there are still some fates yet to be decided. That means it’s time to prepare to watch in typical Game of Thrones style with a watch party fit for Westeros.

While everyone else is fighting for the Iron Throne, you and your friends can be enjoying the show with aptly themed food, drinks and games. No matter which house you identify with most, these Game of Throne party ideas will have you feeling like Westeros royalty. With the White Walker invasion imminent, be glad you’re at home celebrating instead of being called to the Wall to defend the kingdom.

Cheer on Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as they face the Night King and his Army of the Dead side-by-side. With such an epic battle between Jon and Daenerys’ army and the White Walkers, you’ll need all the food and drinks to keep you and your guests satiated. And if you’re feeling a little left out from the competition, create one for yourselves. Our DIY Dragon Dart Game will help you crown your own Protector of the Seven Kingdoms.

These last few episodes will bring the game to and end and we’ll finally find out who will win the Iron Throne.  If that’s not a reason to throw a party, we don’t know what is.

Follow along with our Game of Thrones party ideas to help plan an epic watch party.

It’s time again to enter the compelling and volatile realm of the Known World. Usher in the new and final season of The Games of Thrones with a celebration fit for the ruling classes of all Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones Party Invitation

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

Summons guests to the festivities with these Medieval Knight Personalized Invitations. A play on the iconic tag line is a fun referential greeting.

Game of Thrones Party Decorations

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

For an eclectic medieval look, gather wood and metal items from around the house or thrift stores then combine them with thematic party goods. Battery operated candles emit a warm glow and add to the dusky castle-like atmosphere.

DIY Game of Thrones Luminary

These DIY luminaries can be made with printable crests for each house in the show. Using printable parchment paper you can make this project and show your support for the Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters or whatever family to which you pledge allegiance.

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

Bring iconic touches to the party with these DIY elements:

  • Daenery’s Petrified Dragons Eggs – use fun foam scales to cover paper mâché eggs (we used this tutorial to create ours). Place the trio in a chest for the perfect amount of authenticity.
  • Weirwood Tree – bring the Godswood of Winterfell to the table with this small-scale version of the characteristic tree. We spray painted branches white then added red cardstock leaves to mimic the look.
  • House Sigils – showcase the heraldry of a few houses with these sigil flags. Ours are made from cardstock, but you could cut them from felt for a softer feel. Scour the Internet for free sigil templates to hand cut yours. Or if you have a cutting machine, download a .svg file like we did from here.

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

Give the décor more medieval moments with these party supply showstoppers:

  • Place a Jointed Suit of Armor Cutout at attention ready to guard against potential ambushes. If you don’t have room for a full suit, place a few of these Medieval Knight Masks around for a similar look and feel.
  • Warriors need shields so hang a Royal Triangular Shield aside the suit of armor.
  • There’s nothing more medieval than a stone wall. Create a full wall with this Medieval Stone Wall Backdrop or for added depth, flank a small section with velvet curtains as we did.
  • Fill in spaces with Black Crows, candles and wooded blocks for added interest.

Game of Thrones Party Food

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

Keep food simple and on theme by offering items that can be eaten without utensils:

  • Make a subtle reference to the infamous Red Wedding with a red drip cake. Embellish with a gold tag line topper for a touch of bling. (Get the free .svg file here.)
  • A cheese board, beefed up with a roasted chicken, is a quick and easy way to feed guests medieval style. Combine it with fresh fruits and breads for a feast filling enough for all of Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos.
  • Lemon bars make a showing in the series. Add some to the table for a tantalizing dessert option.

Game of Thrones Party Activity

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

Give guests an outlet for all that nervous energy while they wait for the show to start. This Dragon Dart Game comes together quickly … but really, the best part is that the Ice Dragon Costume can be reused again after the party. Guests play by taking turns shooting all the darts. The player with the most darts that stick wins! See the full Dragon Dart Game DIY tutorial.

Game of Thrones Party Favors

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

After the show, as they return to their own kingdoms, endow guests with “riches” by gifting them King’s Medieval Crowns and Medieval Castle Favor Boxes filled with gold dragon coins (aka chocolate coins). You could even reward some with a coveted dragon egg!

Why join the battle for the Seven Kingdoms when you don’t have to? Celebrate the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere in style thanks to these Game of Thrones party ideas! Represent your house like a true fan out there browse our Game of Thrones Costumes.

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Game of Thrones Party Ideas

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