Glowing Skull String Art

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DIY Glowing Skull String Art
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Halloween is a fun season for things that glow at night but you also want your decorations to look cool in the daylight. This unique Halloween decoration not only adds texture and a spooky feeling to your daytime Halloween display but offers a fun glowing aspect at night. Download our free template and learn the steps to create a glow-in-the-dark string art skull this Halloween! Use these steps and any template you design to come up with countless unique pieces to deck out your haunted house this creepy season!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more DIY projects, printables and party ideas to add a customized flair to all of your celebrations!

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DIY Glowing Skull String Art Supplies

To make this string art skull you will need:

  • Wood plaque
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Wire Nails
  • Design (Free Skull template here!)
  • Crochet string, baker’s twine or embroidery thread (we used 2 skeins of glow in the dark embroidery thread to complete this version!)
  • Hammer
  • Temporary tape (Painter’s tape is great!)

DIY Glowing Skull String Art Step 1

Paint your wood plaque surface with the acrylic paint color of choice. Choose a contrasting color to your string.

DIY Glowing Skull String Art Step 2

Once dry, lay your template down onto the surface and adhere in place with temporary tape. Tip: print out a second template to reference for the mouth as you may need it for a later step.

Use a hammer to nail in wire nails to follow the pattern. Start with nails at the key points (like corners and the tops of curves, and continue adding them around the shape.  If desired, you could make marks on the template on where you want to add them before nailing them down. Remove the template once the hammering is complete.

DIY Glowing Skull String Art Step 3

Tie your string onto one nail of the inner eye shape and go around the outside of that shape, wrapping around each nail as you go. Tie off once you get to the end. Repeat for the other eye and the nose.

Tie your string around one the leftmost nail of the mouth and follow the outline of the outer mouth shape and the inner teeth on the template. (This is where it helped to have a second copy of the template printed for reference!) Tie off once you get to the end.

Tie your string around a nail on the outer skull shape and repeat the above steps to complete the full outline of the skull shape.

DIY Glowing Skull String Art Step 4

Now you are free to crisscross your heart out! This is where each nail art project will be completely different! A one of a kind piece of handmade art!

DIY Glowing Skull String Art Step 5

Weave your string around the inner skull shape, making sure not to cross through the vacant eye sockets, nose hole or the mouth.

DIY Glowing Skull String Art Step 6

Once you think you are happy with your design, go ahead and tie the string onto a nail and use a scissor to trim. Your string art is complete and ready to put on display by all your other handmade Halloween decor!

DIY Glowing Skull String Art

DIY Glowing Skull String Art

Place it in front of a light for some time then turn off the lights and see it glow!  If you want to make a bigger impact try screwing in a black light blub to your lamp for your Halloween party.

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