Golden Pineapple Party

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Golden Pineapple Party Ideas
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Say Aloha to this chic tropical pineapple party filled with lots of golden ideas to indulge your guests. The pineapple is a traditional symbol of welcoming. Paired with perky pink and sleek monochrome stripes, this theme gets a boost of elegance perfect for a housewarming, bridal shower or a summer birthday. Set up a buffet table and let your decor make a big impact. Clever food styling can play a part in the overall pineapple motif and tempt your guests to linger and admire your party planning skills!

Pineapple Party Invitation

Golden Pineapple Party Invitations

Set the sophistication level high before the party starts with a golden metallic Pineapple Postcard Invitation and even though these invitations are postcards, they come with delicate pink envelopes to keep party details hidden.

Pineapple Party Decorations

Golden Pineapple Party Decorations


Keeping décor elements within a set color and pattern scheme will ensure that the sophistication level stays high. We took our design cues from this Pineapple Party set and used shades of pink, green, metallic gold and black and whites stripes in a large horizontal pattern.

Golden Pineapple Party Decoration Details

  • Natural additions to any party will always add texture and warmth so make sure to include a few real pineapples to the tabletop décor.
  • This Pineapple Honeycomb Centerpiece has all the right colors and pattern. Give it more prominence by setting it atop a wrapped paper Mache box top on a tall golden cake stand.

Golden Pineapple Party Wreath Details

Balloon wreaths are so on-trend right now and are fairly easy to construct. Follow the DIY here to create this stunning version we hung center stage. Giant Palm Leaves and golden letters from the Aloha Paper Fan Decorating Kit combine with small balloons and a hula hoop for great impact and a sense of fun.

Golden Pineapple Party Tableware

Layers are not just for awesome 80’s hair. Layering tabletop elements bring sophistication and depth to your tablescape.

Golden Pineapple Food

Golden Pineapple Party Food

Keep the party food simple … if it doesn’t have pineapple in it or look like a pineapple, don’t offer it. : )

  • Give Pina Colada Cupcakes a pineapple makeover by adding melted candy wafer-shaped pineapple toppers.
  • Pineapple Fluff is even tastier when served in these shiny You Had Me at Aloha Plastic Tumblers. Don’t forget to add golden pineapple tent cards, from this You Had Me at Aloha Buffet Decorating Kit, to your tabletop so that guests know what kinds of delicacies they will be enjoying.
  • A bucket full of Striped Lollipops is a quick and easy way to add more color and sweetness to the table.
  • Transform golden wrapped candy truffles into miniature pineapples by adding short lengths of rolled Green Crepe Streamers. (TIP: secure toppers to candy using Glue Dot Adhesive … hot glue will melt the candy.)

Golden Pineapple Activity

Golden Pineapple Party Activities

Games are always fun but try keeping guests busy with a less competitive alternative. Show everyone how to mix up some Pineapple Coconut Sugar Scrub then let them take a batch home in one of these Perfectly Plain Glass Apothecary Jars.

Golden Pineapple Favor

Golden Pineapple Party Favors

Gift a memorable trinket that will be both useful and glamorous. Fill a Pineapple Favor Box with a golden pineapple bottle opener so that each time guests need to open something fizzy, they’ll think of fond times shared with you.

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