The Goonies Copper Bones Cookies

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DIY Copper Bones Cookies
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No Goonies gathering is complete without the Copper Bones key. When you’re done escaping the grips of the notorious Fratelli’s and hunting down One Eyed Willie’s treasure, you can sink your teeth into one of these delicious cookies! The bonding experience of a teenage adventure might work up an appetite. Or if you want to send your party guests home with a little treasure of their own, these make a great favor. These cookies are based on the iconic key of the old pirate “One-Eyed Willie”, that helps the Goonies save the Goon Docks. Ok, that may have been a spoiler, but the movie came out in 1985 and if you haven’t seen it by now, you have homework!

If you’re into these Cook-keys, you might want to take a peek at the other decorated cookies on Cherylin’s Instagram at @treat_yo_self_treats.

Sugar Cookie Dough

The dough and icing recipes can be found here along with in-depth directions. One dough yields about 10-12 cookies but the more times you re-roll the dough the more likely it is to spread during baking. Because of the cutout details, I recommend preparing 2 doughs to get around 15 cookies, only cutting cookies out of the first 3 rolls of dough. The extra dough can be cut into other shapes that are less delicate with other cutters you have laying around!

Copper Bones Cookie Recipe Step 1


  • Once you have made the dough and chilled it for an hour, print and cut out this template.
  • Roll out the cookie dough, and using a toothpick, cut out the eyes and the bottom holes of the key. Do this before you carve the outline of the key shape because the bottom cutouts stretch out the thin bottom edge of the cookie, making it weak and causing to break.
  • Lift the excess dough out with the toothpick, then smooth over the interior edges, pressing the toothpick in the walls.
  • Carve the outline of the key using a knife, all the way around except the bottom edge.

Copper Bones Cookie Recipe Step 2

  • Remove the template and cut the bottom edge of the cookie, just in case the template has shifted and the cutouts get too close to the bottom edge.
  • Remove excess dough and smooth out the edges of the dough with your fingers.
  • Return cut cookies to the fridge for at least 30 minutes to chill before baking for 10-12 min at 325°.

Royal Icing

Prepare the icing recipe found here. This recipe makes enough for about 4 batches of dough, so I recommend halving it.

  • Mix all icing to a gold color for the base.
  • Separate a quarter of the icing out to a bowl, and thin the icing down using a few drops of water at a time to the consistency of shampoo. This will be used for filling in the base of the cookie.
  • With the remaining three-quarters of icing, thin down with a few drops of water at a time to the consistency of toothpaste. This icing will be used for outlining and details, so when it is piped it is intended to hold its shape and not spread out.


Copper Bones Cookie Recipe Step 3

  • Outline the perimeter of the cookie and the hole cutout details using a 1 tip and the thicker outline icing. This way when you fill the shape with the thinner icing, it won’t run off.
  • Fill or flood the cookie outline with the thinner icing, using a 2 or 3 tip.
  • Let the cookie dry for at least 5 hours. Drying time will be quicker under a fan, but to be safe allow to dry overnight.
  • Once dry, spread a thin layer of icing over the cookie and using a clean new paintbrush, dab the icing to add texture. Allow them to dry.

Copper Bones Cookie Recipe Step 4

  • Once dry, draw on the layer of details using the template for reference and a food safe marker. Markers can be found at your local craft store in the baking section.
  • Using the thicker icing, fill in the details. Allow to dry, 6-8 hours or overnight.
  • Using your choice of edible gold luster dust, mix it with everclear, vodka or lemon juice in a small container, one drop at a time of liquid to powder. Then brush on the cookie and allow to dry for a few hours.

Note: The liquid evaporates, so using alcohol is safe. Everclear works best in my opinion, because the high alcohol content evaporates quicker. You can pick up Wilton’s luster dust at craft or Walmart stores, or find CK brand online or in baking stores. I use Truly Mad Plastics Super gold, which gives a smooth metallic finish. Wilton also has a spray gold in a can that you can spray directly onto the cookie, or onto a plate and then brush on for more control.

Copper Bones Cookie Recipe Step 5

  • For the shading, take the smallest dab of black food coloring (Wilton or Americolor gel) and mix with a lot of everclear, vodka or lemon juice. This will help to apply the black to the cookie like watercolor. Using a clean paint brush, play with letting the color pool in the corners and allowing it to spread over the texture on the base of the cookie. If it is getting too dark add more everclear to the dish because it does evaporate as you work. If you have black petal dust (available at craft or cake decorating stores) this can also be dry brushed into areas for extra depth. I made sure to outline the edges of the raised detail work for shadows.
  • Take a food safe marker and draw the compass onto the round area.

Copper Bones Cookie Recipe - Goonies Party Food

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