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Goonies Party Feature
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HEY YOU GUYS!  It’s time to get the gang together to celebrate one of the biggest adventures in movie history – that time Mikey, Chunk and the whole group of misfits saved the goondocks! This Goonies themed party is chock full of references to these memorable underdogs and how they fought off the Fratellis and Mr. Perkins in one fell swoop. Come along as we walk the plank, enjoy some rocky road treats and steer clear of booby traps all while chanting “Goonies Never Say Die!”

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. She’s basically a Goonie at heart and her blog is full of (unhidden) treasures!


Goonies Party Invitation

Goonies Party Invitation 2

Don’t worry, no one’s going to make you do the truffle shuffle just to enter this Goonies themed shindig. You will, however, learn about this party with an invitation that comes in a glass bottle. Just follow them size fives and trace the path on the treasure map to your final destination. Make sure you stay to the right!


Goonies Party Decorations

Ye intruder’s beware! The main spread for this party will be reminiscent of One Eyed Willy’s pirate ship which held all the rich stuff.  You won’t need one of Data’s crazy inventions to spot this food display with a high rising pirate mast.  Learn how to create this unique party backdrop here.

Goonies Party Tableware

Keep the pirate theme going with a black, red and gold color palette within your table colors. Pirate paper plates are perfect to serve up some delicious treats!

Goonies Party Decorations Details

Go as far as dressing up a skeleton prop with a zombie party costume and an eye patch and set him up at the table as One Eyed Willy himself.

Goonies Party Table Details

Bring a little texture to the table with layers of black cheesecloth, a burlap table runner and a fishing net. Sprinkle beads and faux pirate coins to resemble One Eyed Willy’s treasure.


Goonies Party Food

You don’t have to be the richest people in Astoria or print counterfeit fifty dollar bills to throw a delicious celebration inspired by the 1985 classic adventure movie.  We all know Dominos and Pepsi had product placements in the flick to make sure those are served as the main meal. When it comes to desserts, put out a nice spread that includes movie references on personalized luggage tags.

Goonies Party Food Ideas

Candy tubes can easily be turned into Data’s stick of dynamite booby traps with some simple dynamite printables and filled with sweet candy treats.

Goonies Party Food Ideas 2

Thankfully Andy didn’t choose to go up Troy’s bucket, but you can fill it up with Sloth’s favorite chocolate bar, Baby Ruth! Pay homage to that loyal fellow with a Superman decoration sticking out of the bucket.

Goonies Party Food Ideas 3

Chunk might’ve smelled ice cream but you can put out a rocky road inspired marshmallow pop that he’d love just as much (plus it won’t melt at your dessert table)!

Goonies Party Food Ideas 4

Turn apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows into Data’s lifesaving Pinchers of Peril!

Goonies Party Food Ideas 5

Give all your truffle making recipe skills a try and create an assortment for guests to enjoy at the truffle shuffle station. Learn how to create these delicious creations here.

Goonies Party Food Ideas 6

Mouth threw back his wishes but you can display them on the table with bubble gum coins.

Goonies Party Drinks

To play off Mama Frattelli’s famous line, don’t let them know what’s in the drink, just that it’s wet. In any case, add it to your spread by adding eye patches to these skull mugs reminiscent of One Eyed Willy’s fellow pirate henchmen.


Goonies Party Activities

Goonies Party Activities 2

We know Mikey’s treasure was found in his marble bag but the kids at your party will be looking for something a little more traditional. Set up a “decorate your own” treasure chest station where kids can add paint, jewels and other accessories to make it unique.

If you’re looking to get physical, take a puff on your inhaler and give a go at walking the plank, play pin the eye patch on a One Eyed Willy poster printout or create a backyard obstacle course full of booby traps. Yes that’s what I said, booby traps!

Don’t forget about the ambiance of this party! “Goonies are good enough” by Cyndi Lauper should be part of the music playlist and The Goonies should be all set on your Blue-Ray.


Goonies Party Favors

These party favors might be more amazing than the time Chunk ate his weight in Godfather’s pizza. Send each of your guests home with a copper bones skeleton key cookie!

Goonies Party Cookies

Cool decorating techniques can turn ordinary royal icing cookies into a replica of the key to One Eyed Willy. Slip the cookies into clear cello bags and add a personalized message before you send them on their way.  Learn how to make these one-of-kind skeleton key cookie favors here.

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