Grinch Party Ideas

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Grinch Party Ideas
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No one puts the “bah humbug” feeling into the holiday season like the Grinch! This vile one has been poo-pooing the holiday spirit for years before finally attempting to steal all the Christmas celebrations from the people of Whoville.  Spoiler. He does end up turning his frown upside down with a positive twist endearing the Grinch to millions and making it a classic for the holiday season. Now, these Grinch Party Supplies make it easy to celebrate with the beloved green guy.

If your child happens to have a birthday near Christmas and they’re a big fan of Dr. Seuss, consider throwing a big WHObilation with hints of this timeless tale!  Raid your grocery store for green-themed goodies, play up the silly dialogue style of the Dr. Seuss classic and celebrate the arrival of a new animated version due out this holiday season with a party more charming than an eel!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Stop by her blog for more DIY projects, printables and party ideas to add a customized flair to all of your celebrations!


Grinch Party Invitations

Grinch Party Invites

Your friends won’t be in a grinchy mood when receiving your playful invitation to the WHObilation! Download this and the other coordinating Grinch themed printables from this post then fill in the details, as needed.


Grinch Party Decoration Ideas

There’s no color palette more perfect for a Christmas themed birthday bash than green in red. Green, like the Grinch’s green skin tone and red like his two sizes too small heart.

Grinch Party Decorations

Create an economically friendly party display with these colors behind your dessert table with green paper plates and red paper hearts. Tip: use painter’s tape to temporarily hang them.

Grinch Party Decoration Details

Blow up a giant Grinch face balloon to set the party mood!

Grinch Party Food Table

Hone your inner WHO and create a Whoville inspired Christmas tree as a centerpiece for your table. See how to create this one from garden supplies and green feather boas.

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament Tutorial and Template

Use our templates to create Grinch ornaments to decorate you grinch tree. See the full tutorial here.

Grinch Party Tableware

When it comes to chowing down, stage your eating table with an array of Grinch themed mix and match tableware.

Grinch Party Place Settings

Grinch Party Ideas

Let friends decide if they’re naughty or nice and sit at the appropriate spot!

Grinch Party Ideas

Cut out more red hearts and slip them onto polka dot paper straws for an extra surprise when taking a sip.

Food and Drink

Grinch Party Food

You could serve up a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots or a banana with a greasy black peel, but chances are your guests would rather have something more enjoyable to sink their teeth into at this Grinch themed bash.

If you’re going with the dinner approach, try sticking to the Whoville menu with Roast Beast and Who Hash or get creative on how you bring in the green-themed desserts.

Grinch Party Food Ideas

Grinch Party Ideas

Use a Sharpie marker to draw that famous sinister smile on the front of these plastic cups and fill with green Jello.

Grinch Party Ideas

Grinch Party Ideas

Turn store-bought chocolate donuts into Max, the nasty wasty skunk’s trusty sidekick, with the help of candies and pretzels.

Grinch Party Ideas

Spray home popped popcorn with Color Mist to turn it green then add red sprinkles to make it extra grinchy!

Turn lollipops into a Christmas Grinch with the help of a Santa hat made of paper.


Grinch Party Activities

Whether you’re a fan of the 1957 Dr. Seuss illustrated How the Grinch Stole Christmas book, the 2000 live action comedy version starring Jim Carey, or are excited for the new animated version arriving this holiday season, pair this Grinch birthday party with a reading or movie viewing experience.

Grinch Party Ideas

Bonus: get dad in the spirit and have him dress of like the Grinch himself and to take pictures with all your Christmas clad guests.


Grinch Party Favors

The Grinch may have had a heart two sizes too small but you don’t have to be when throwing this party! Gift each of your friends an ornament to add to their tree. Fill it with green jelly beans and add a red heart on the outside and cross your fingers they don’t dump it to Mt. Crumpit after leaving your house.

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