Hoppy Easter Gumball Carrot Favors

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Gumball Carrot Favor Treat
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Easter is almost here! We can almost hear the Easter bunny hopping along to hide some eggs filled with treasures! Now that it’s a little warmer, we’re finally feeling a little bit of the Spring season, so it’s time to party! If you’re ready to throw down a little Easter bash, make sure there’s not a guest who leaves empty-handed with these adorable little party favors. What does the Easter bunny love more than hiding eggs filled with sweets? Carrots, of course!

Fill your peep’s Easter baskets with these sweet gumball treats. They are a quick and easy project to put together, so let’s hop right to it.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treat Supplies

STEP ONE: Gather Supplies

No fancy supplies needed just a few key elements such as Orange Gumballs and Candy Tubes. Get the tag printable here.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 1

STEP TWO: Cut the Green Tissue Paper

Trim tissue paper into 4 x 9 inch strips. You’ll need two strips for each tube.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 2

STEP THREE: Glue Tissue Paper

Adhere two tissue paper strips together at one long side.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 3

STEP FOUR: Wrap the Tissue Paper

Tape one cap onto the tube so it is secure and won’t pop off.

Using long glued side, wrap tissue paper strips around the tube hiding the secure cap. Apply glue as you’re wrapping to hold the tissue in place.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 4

STEP FIVE: Fringe the Tissue Top

Use scissors to create the carrot top’s fringe. TIP: Don’t cut all the way to the tube’s plastic stopper. Leave about ¼” uncut to prevent tearing.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 5

STEP SIX: Create Tag

Punch tag with hole punch and thread with baker’s twine.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 6

STEP SEVEN: Tie Top and Fill

Tie fringed top with tag and fill tube from the bottom with gumballs.

Easter Gumball Carrot Treats Step 7

Enjoy gifting these charming carrot treats to all your favorite peeps and don’t forget to show us your creations on all our social media pages. Share yours with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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