Halloween Emoji Party Ideas

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Halloween Emoji Party Idea
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Are your texts filled with 😏 to describe your mood? Do you giggle every time there’s a perfectly placed 💩 on social media? Did you get SUPER excited when they finally launched a 🦄 and are eagerly awaiting the flamingo? Then you have an emoji addiction and the only prescription is to host a Halloween emoji party! Kids and adults alike love those perfectly descriptive characters and they’ll be all 😀 when they see your budget-friendly paper plate backdrop and emoji cupcake dessert!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. We think she deserves a round of 👏👏👏!


Halloween Emoji Party Invitations

Dress up an invitation with your own emoji flair with large-scale stickers and welcome guests to your Halloween bash.


Halloween Emoji Party Decorations

You can’t go overboard with Emoji faces- it’s just not possible. Solid tableware with mix-and-match Halloween colors + yellow will pull the overall look together. A DIY emoji selfie spot and emoji favors on display will add to the emoji motif.

Halloween Emoji Party Table

When it comes to setting your table and creating a centerpiece that has some varying heights, you can’t go wrong with photo props in a fun container!

Halloween Emoji Party Centerpieces

For this party, our emoji photo props were a great fit inside some plastic black cauldrons. Tip: use floral foam to help stabilize the photo props and crinkle paper shreds to cover it up.

Halloween Emoji Party Tableware

Set your table itself with all the proper tableware needed for a Halloween emoji party, even down to the napkins.

Halloween Emoji Party Table Details

Guests can sip an eerily delicious drink in an emoji cup! Tip: If you think your plates blend in too much with your tablecloth, consider layering them on top of orange plates to create some contrast.

Halloween Emoji Party and Photowall

Make an impactful statement behind your party table set up with a paper plate backdrop featuring Halloween emoji faces! Learn how to create this backdrop, plus download free printables to make the faces here.

Food and Drink

Halloween Emoji Party Food

Like any Halloween party, you can get really cute with the food options that are served. First, be naughty and serve dessert first, welcoming guests to the table with a fun layered Halloween Cupcake Cup!

Halloween Emoji Party Details

Don’t forget to dress up the cup itself with a glittered stem and custom charms from emoji stickers.

Halloween Emoji Party Place Setting

Not into dessert? Try these emoji-filled food ideas:


Halloween Emoji Party Activities

When you’re looking for a hands-on arts and crafts activity for a Halloween party, look no further than pumpkin decorating! Since this party is all about those emojis stock up on yellow paint and set out a painting area to add your favorite expression of choice to your oversized pumpkin. Or you can also go the pre-made route and pre-cut felt shapes that guests can just glue onto their already painted pumpkin! Tip: recycle boxes for weeks before the party so everyone can take home their pumpkin creation even if it’s not dry yet!


Halloween Emoji Party Favors

Give your friends a smile and a fun party favor at the same time! The “trick or treat smell my feet” phrase will surely give them the giggles when seeing it on a personalized sticker attached to some soft and fluffy emoji slippers!

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