DIY Halloween Mantle Decorations

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DIY Halloween Mantle
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In March, we posted a St. Patrick’s Day themed mantle highlighting how to use party supplies in holiday décor. Mantel decorations are a quick and easy way to show your holiday spirit, and when you can do them yourself, there’s no reason not to give one a try!

In the spirit of the approaching holiday – Halloween – we’re back with a little déjà vu action, but this time the theme is Halloween. Rest assured, there’s nothing frightening about incorporating these ideas into your holiday decorating … they are all quick and easy to accomplish. Just one blustery full moon-lit night should be all you need to put these creations together.


As with everything, it’s all in the details. So let’s look at each piece individually.


Who would have imagined that Jack-O-Lantern Treat Pails could be transformed into art? Start by darkening their faces with a black paint pen. Once dry, cut the pails in half and hot glue to a piece of white poster board cut to fit a shadowbox frame. Presto! Insta-art!

Wrap a wire form with lengths of Feather Boa for a fuzzy and full wreath. Twist ties hold everything in place.


Vintage Milk Bottles painted like candy corn and filled with black tissue paper “roses” add a splash of color and sweetness to the vignette.

Paper Straws hot glued to a plain wood frame bring in a whimsical element. TIP: To prevent the straws from collapsing on the ends, cut them individually to fit the frame before gluing.

This Ruffled Tree Trio brings height and weight to balance the boa wreath.


Any mantle is not complete without a fun Happy Haunting Printable.

A framed die-cut wall decal  is truly the easiest way to get high theme impact without much effort. This simple black cat shape has instant importance once boxed by a thick white mat and black frame.

To give the mantle some added “character,” fill jars with white and orange gumballs then adhere hand cut faces to the fronts. Black vinyl or adhesive backed shelf paper will allow for easy removal once the holiday décor is ready to be taken down.


Finish things off with a Ruffled Die Cut Banner.

So see? Starting with some basic party supplies makes Halloween decorating less scary and, more importantly, leaves you with ample time for candy gathering and consumption. Because really, isn’t that what it’s all about? As that famous philosopher Anonymous says … “He who has the most candy … wins.”

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