DIY Halloween Masquerade Party Ideas

Halloween Masquerade Party Idea
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Masquerade parties originated with Carnival season in the 15th century as a part of medieval culture. Since, it has seen a contemporary revival starting in the 1990s, although these modern versions tend to be much less grandiose when it comes to the dancing portion of the tradition. Masquerades emphasized the disguising of one’s face to promote identity guessing games.

So if you’re looking to throw your own masquerade ball, we’ve got you covered. There’s no disguising it, we’ve got a plethora of ideas for your next Masquerade Halloween Party. So don your favorite mask and let’s get started revealing all the fabulous details for this A Night in Disguise soiree.



Set the tone and theme for the evening with this embellished chevron invitation. A felt mask complete with glitter, feathers and wooden handle introduces guests to both the mood and color scheme of the party. The added bulk will require these invites to be either hand delivered or sent in a padded envelope. But the extra step and/or postage will be well worth it.



By simply using a pleated table skirt, the party atmosphere is instantly elevated to have a more formal feel.


Metal accents also help to step up the glam factor. Don’t be afraid to mix finishes; gold and silver do work well together.


The centerpiece should steal the show and this one doesn’t disappoint. Venetian masks, feathers, tulle bows and beads all mesh together to bring drama and elegance to the table.


Attention to details show guests that you took the time to make the evening extra special for them.
• Use personalized bubbles as place cards. They also do double duty as an ice breaker activity if guests are unfamiliar with each other.
• Feather boas, masks and glass holiday ornaments combine for soft and shiny table décor.
• Trim the printed portion from a paper tablecloth to serve as a table runner. Here we took it one step further by following the chevron pattern to achieve a decorative edge.
• Glittered vintage milk bottles sparkle and bring an added layer of glam to the table.


• Bring the felt mask detail from the invitation to the table with these favor tins. Fill tins with after-dinner mints and once home, the tin will be a fun and decorative reminder of the memories shared that evening.
• Hang flapper bead necklaces off chair backs to dress them up.
• Order a few extra blank invitations and transform them into a banner for your table backdrop.
Feather boas as garlands? Why not!

Place Settings


• Mix plate patterns to keep the formality from being too stuffy. The quirkiness of chevron against polka dots gives the table a touch of whimsy.
• Hot glue bead necklaces together to create quick napkin rings.
• Add those same bead necklaces to goblet bases for more sparkle and bling.



• Serve foods with hidden surprises (such as chicken cordon bleu and stuffed peppers) or have covers (such as bacon wrapped asparagus).
• Mask shaped cookies and molded candies are a sweet and thematic addition to the dessert menu.


MHP 10

Set up a mask embellishment station so that guests can individualize their blank masks. Feathers, sequins, beads and glitter glue are all must have bling items for glamming things up.

MHP 11

Drape your station instructions with a beautiful Venetian mask to inspire guests’ creativity.

MHP 12

This mask wreath completes the station décor with bold impact.

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