Halloween Party Games Round-Up

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Halloween Party Games

Halloween is only three weeks away and if you’re planning a party at home or for the classroom you’re probably to getting all of the Halloween Party Supplies you need:
Invitations –Check!
Decorations — Check!
Tableware — Check!
Party favors– Check!
Menu — Check!
Fun — That’s where Wholesale Party Supplies comes in

Here are some fun-to-play Halloween party games from my favorite sites and blogs. Please click to the original sites to see complete instructions and more fabulous ideas.
But before I get started here is a quick list of simple ideas to get your Halloween creative juices flowing — because many traditional party games cane be easy altered to include a fun Halloween twist!

  • Pin the Nose on the Ghost, With or Jack-O-Lantern
  • Race to stuff a Scarecrow
  • Play the TP Mummy Game
  • Play “Mummy May I?” instead of “Mother may I?”
  • Fill a jar with candy corn for a guessing game
  • Use orange and black balloons to play balloon volley ball – trying keep the balloons off the ground
  • Play Hot Pumpkin instead of Hot Potato
  • Musical Chairs is always fun, play using the song the Monster Mash!

Still need more ideas? Here you go…

Pumpkin Bowling

This which makes this a cost effective party game!Make pins from recycled 2 liter pop bottles that you paint white. Add eyes with black paint. Instead of a bowling ball use a small round pumpkin.
Pumpkin Bowling Game

Halloween Memory Matching Game

Print out Halloween illustrations for a fun twist on a classic game of memory and your little ones will love it!

Halloween Monster Balloon Pop

I love this take on the carnival balloon pop game and the balloon Frankenstein will also make a great decoration until game time! You need green, white and silver balloons. No helium necessary.
Monster Balloon Pop Game

Jack-o-Lantern Bean Bag Toss

If you don’t have a cornhole set you can create a makeshift game with two large cardboard boxes that you cut on an angle and put a hole in the top. Paint a Jack ‘O Lantern on it. To make cornhole bags, fill heavy duty sandwich bags with corn kernels or for a festive look, fill them with candy corns. You can always eat then candy corns later.

Witch Ring Toss Game

Put a pointy witch hat on the ground and use some glow necklaces to toss onto the hat. You can wear the necklaces when you are done.

witch's hat ring toss game

Ghost Knock Down

How cute are these ghosts? And I think this is the perfect frugal game. Use black marker to paint an eyes and mouth on 6 rolls of white toilet paper. Stack them in a pyramid and let kids throw a ball or small pumpkin at them to knock them over. Give a prize to the one who can knock them all down.
Knock over the ghost game

Mummy Wrap Game

Kids, teens and even even adults love this game that is sure to cause Halloween hilarity! All you need is rolls of toilet paper and two teams. The one that wraps their mummy the best before time is up is the winner. 5 Minutes should do it.
Toilet Paper Mummy Game

Dangling Doughnuts and Bobbing for Apples

dangling donuts

Have a favorite game?

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