5 Fun Games for Your Halloween Party

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Sure, Halloween parties need great food, great music and great costumes… But what fun would it be without games? Wholesale Party Supplies found five great party games that you and your guests can play at any age, at any Halloween party!

Pop! Goes the Pumpkin

pop goes the pumpkin

Image via MarthaStewart.com

Fill your orange balloons with confetti and let your party guests enjoy this rendition of the classic carnival game. Just be careful if you’re letting the little ones play. You might want to assist them when using any darts or pins. For more details about Pop! Goes the Pumpkin, click here.

Murder Mystery

murder mystery

Image via richardsonhotels.co.uk

Murder Mystery games take a little bit of planning, but when done correctly, few games are more fun. First, create a story, a character list and a solution to murder that took place. The hardest part is for the host to keep a secret! For advice on how to hold your own Murder Mystery, click here.

Pin the Wart on the Witch

witch wart

Image via storytimepreschooltoddlers.blogspot.com

This one is no different from the timeless Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Print out or draw a large picture of a witch’s face, then cut out several different wart shapes. Either put the initials of your party guests on each wart, or use different colors for each of them. That makes it easier to keep track of who put which wart where on the witch! Say that five times fast!

Tricks and Treats

trick or treat

Image via Parade.com

Give each party guest a bag with an equal amount of candy. Make a list of Halloween-related words that are off-limits, and for each word spoken, take a piece of candy from the player who said it. For more directions on how to play Tricks and Treats, click here.

Bobbing for Apples

bobbing for apples

Image via heritagecalling.com

Bobbing for apples is a Halloween party game tradition if there ever was one. Fill a bucket with water and apples, and challenge guests to grab one, using only their mouths.

Before you plan out which party games you want to play this Halloween, make sure your house is festive enough to host! At Wholesale Party Supplies, you’ll find an array of great spooky decorations, party favors and tableware to make this October 31st one to remember!