Halloween Photo Backdrop with Paper Napkin Flowers

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Halloween Napkin Photo Backdrop
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Looking for an impressive background for your next Halloween party? We have just the way to make the flowers bloom until next spring with this Paper Napkin Flower Backdrop! Every party guest will be snapping selfies at this colorful photo op spot. Orange, black and white look great for Halloween, but mix it up with the colors of your choice. It looks so great you might just decide to cover an entire wall with paper blossoms!

Bonus! It’s a great way to use up that collection of left-over mismatched napkins everyone seems to have stashed away.

Follow the steps below and soon the wall will be blooming like a summer garden!

Napkin Flower Background Supplies

The supply list is short. So basically the only real investment is … time. But certainly a few evenings binge watching Adam’s Family will be a sufficient enough to construct plenty of flowers to cover a good-sized wall.

Napkin Flower Background Step 01

Start by folding a napkin into fourths: first, hot dog style and then, hamburger style.

Napkin Flower Background Step 2

Keeping the folds you just created on the left and bottom, trim two edges of the napkin square into scallops. These scallops are the flower’s petals.

Napkin Flower Background Step 3

Open the napkin flat then pull up on the center to form a “stem”. Slightly twist and scrunch it before wrapping with tape.

Napkin Flower Background Step 4

Gently pull the napkin layers apart as you work to fluff the flower into shape.

Napkin Flower Background Step 5

If you are mounting these directly to the wall, cut off a small section of “stem”. This trim will make the flower easier to attach and stay secured. These flowers could also very easily be strung on monofilament then draped as bunting or garlands.

Napkin Flower Background Step 6

Add a loop of painter’s tape to the back of each flower.

Napkin Flower Background Step 7

In addition, add a loop of painter’s tape to the wall where each flower will live. Two loops of tape will keep the flower from drooping.

DIY Paper Napkin Flower Photo Backdrop

Have fun creating patterns, designs or even monograms with these flowers. The possibilities are endless and always stunning. We’d love to see your take on this flower wall. Share pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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