Coolest Halloween-Themed Desserts

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Okay, so maybe the thought of creepies crawling into your mouth isn’t exactly the most appealing. At Wholesale Party Supplies, though, we know that no late-October party is complete with out a few creative snacks.

Take a look at our 13 favorite Halloween-themed desserts, and, in the comments below, let us know which one you like the best!

13. Caramel-Pecan Spiders

Pecan-Caramel Spiders

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Make your own creepy crawlers this Halloween with pecans, chocolate and caramel. This fun concoction from the Food Network is sure to create some buzz (but not any webs) among your children. Get the recipe.

Halloween Popcorn Treats

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12. Halloween Popcorn Treats

Is it impossible for you to pick out your favorite Halloween candy?

That’s not something you have to worry about when you make these Halloween popcorn treats.

Just make popcorn clusters with melted marshmallow in the same way that you’d make a traditional Rice Krispie Treat and add in m&m’s, Skittles, candy corn, or any other of your Autumn vices.

Get the recipe.

11. Witch Finger Cookies

Witch Finger Cookies

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Make your sugar cookies look so gross that your party guests will want to grab them before they grab you! By adding some almonds to appear as fingernails and some red icing that looks like blood oozing out of them, you’ve made a Halloween classic. Get the recipe.

Spider Web Cake

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10. Cake with Spiderweb Frosting

Want to give your traditional cake a creepy, crawly feel?

For a web that would make even the most wicked of witches quiver, spread a chocolate glaze over a recently-baked cake and smooth the sides. Then, fill a small piping bag with melted white chocolate and drag it into a web effect.

The team at Country Living has provided us with a step-by-step guide into making your cake look like it could catch flies!

Get the recipe.

9. Cupcake Graveyard

Cupcake Graveyard

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Liven up your cupcakes by adding in some deadly touches. Milano cookies represent headstones, and Oreo cookie crumbs give your icing more of a dirt feel. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Mice

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8. Chocolate Mice

With three different kinds of chocolate in these mice, you definitely won’t be calling the exterminator to come remove them from your kitchen.

Semisweet chocolate in the creamy, cakey center, and a crisp shell made of both white and bittersweet chocolate make these your favorite mice since Walt Disney introduced you to Mickey and Minnie.

Butter, cream cheese, sugar, a few varieties of chocolate will get you started. Pumpkin seeds make for great eyes and ears, while a string of black licorice creates the perfect mouse tail.

Get the recipe.

7. Creepy Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

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For your kitchen’s mad scientist, we found this great recipe for a gory panna cotta. The eye’s iris is simply a fresh cut kiwi, and its pupil is portrayed by plumped raisins. Surround it with some coconut panna cotta and some raspberry coulis, and you’ve got yourself a delicious scare. Get the recipe.

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

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6. Witch Cupcakes

These witch cupcakes aren’t for the unmotivated or those who feel challenged by craftiness, but they’re sure to leave you with a wicked laugh after you see the finished product.

The green head is concocted with butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, sugar, milk, and green food coloring. The witch’s hat is carved out of the center of the cupcake and its brim is a chocolate wafer cookie.

The end result, though, is something that a classroom of students or a guest at your Halloween party is sure to enjoy. Add these Wicked Cupcakes to your menu and learn how with the recipe below.

Get the recipe.

5. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Spider Cookies

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The secret to success with these spider cookies is the ability to decorate with a little bit of candy. Top off your peanut butter cookies with a rolo piece, two m&m’s, and some licorice laces, and suddenly your baked goods are now arachnids. Get the recipe.

Devil's Food Cupcakes

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4. Devil’s Food Cupcakes

There’s nothing better than a good pun, and with the traditional Devil’s Food cake recipe and a little bit of candy to aid in the decoration, you’ll find yourself with hit of the party.

Start your Devil’s Food cupcakes the way you would during any season, add either chocolate icing or cream cheese icing infused with red food coloring to top off these moist and delicious treats.

When the cupcake is done and you’re proud of your finished product, add red licorice strings to both the top and underside of the cupcake to portray horns and a tail.

Get the recipe.

3. Ouija Board Cake

Ouija Board Cake

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There isn’t a more delicious way to summon the spirits of the dead than with a Ouija Board Cake. The folks at Best Moms TV outlined the simple way you can get your traditional dessert to represent this most dangerous toy. Get the recipe.

X-Ray Cake

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2. X-Ray Cake

There’s no bones about this recipe for an x-ray cake. It’s painless to produce, and doesn’t even take somebody with a spine.

This particular recipe from Country Living calls for a cake frosted with chocolate icing and melted white fondant to use in the creation of the skeleton. Cut the fondant into several strips for the rib cage and hip bones, and roll the strips into balls to create the spine.

Give your masterpiece the perfect finishing touch when you add a candy heart.

Get the recipe.

1. Candy Apples

Candy Apples

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Is there a dessert that better represents Halloween than the candy apple? With a million creative ways to decorate, we found an easy step-by-step guide for you to get started on your bunch. Get the recipe.


Your Halloween-themed desserts are great, but your party-planning is only halfway done after you finish them. Don’t forget to give your creepy treats an even creepier setting. Take a look at the Decorations & Cake Stuff at Wholesale Party Supplies, and get your Halloween-themed desserts prepared today!

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