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DIY Map-Pattern "Happy Camper" Banner
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The best memories are made when camping! We’re sure your friends won’t want to take a hike when seeing this banner display at your camping party! Disguise the mechanics of a vertical stake with some faux grass and put a smile on those happy campers faces when they see the cutely named desserts all around.

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DIY Camping Party Banner

DIY Camping Party Banner


DIY Camping Party Banner Supplies

DIY Camping Party Banner Step 1

Drill 2 holes onto each wood stake about 12 inches part.

DIY Camping Party Banner Step 2

Paint all sides with brown acrylic paint.

DIY Camping Party Banner Step 3

Add rocks to the bottom of the buckets then add foam blocks to snuggly fit inside.

Insert your wood stake into the foam block and fill remaining space with sand.

Cut one of the grass mats so it fits on the top of the bucket. Tip: apply glue stick around the inside rim of the bucket to help adhere the grass mat in place.

DIY Camping Party Banner Step 4

To decorate the actual banner, cut pieces of the map to cover half the banner panels. Embellish with alphabet stickers to spell the “happy campers” phrase.

DIY Camping Party Banner Step 5

Allow slack of the twine on the pennant banner and cut into two pieces. Hang “happy” through the top two holes and “Campers” through the bottom two holes.

Let's Go Camping Party Ideas

Display your banner over your Camping Party dessert table and put a big smile on the face of each adventurer as they return from their long trek out in the woods to some treats!

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