Happy Halloween Party

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This Halloween party is a treat for younger kids!

Halloween Party Sign

Scary decorations and gory costumes may give older kids a thrill but they’ll likely leave the younger crowd spooked. So why not throw a playful Halloween party where kids can enjoy sweet treats, fun party games, Halloween crafts and of course dressing up in their Halloween costumes for a parade.
It’s as easy as can be!

Invitations and Decorations

Party Games and Crafts

Party Food and Favors

Halloween Party Invitations and DecorationsHalloween Party Invitation


Set the stage for a fun Halloween celebration with playful invitations “not so spooky” decor.

  • Hand deliver special Halloween party invitations tied to a glow stick or candy. Keep it simple by using cardstock paper, cute jack-o-lantern stickers and gel pens to make simple note card invitations.
  • Keep the Halloween decorations fun and playful with a pumpkin, candy corn and cute ghost motif.
  • Use orange, yellow and black as your color scheme when purchasing streamers, balloons and tableware.
  • Cover your table with a white sheet and make a table runner using lengths of orange and yellow or black steamers down the middle.
  • Weave strips of construction paper or craft foam to make place mats.
  • Make a ghost, mummy or both for easy Halloween party decor.
  • Use a Halloween bead bracelet as a napkin ring and party favor.
  • A centerpiece can easy be fashioned with a tower of Halloween cupcakes or a Jack-o-lantern (plastic or real but no candles please – use glow sticks instead)
  • Scatter candy corn and pumpkin candies down around the table for color.
  • Decorate the entryway and party area with bales of hay, corn stalks and lots of pumpkins.

Halloween Party Games and Crafts

Halloween Bingo Game

Entertain the kids with a few traditional Halloween party games and some with a fun new twist…here are some favorites to choose from.

  • Bobbing for apples is customary Halloween game that’s always loads of fun.
  • Another Halloween favorite is the dangling doughnuts game…a little messy but what fun!
  • Play a penny bucket-toss game with a Halloween twist using a row of plastic jack-o-lantern treat pails and pennies or candies.
  • Try a Halloween version of a duck,duck, goose game, where a child pretends to pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.

“Pumpkin patch, pumpkin patch. Looking for a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. Here’s one nice and fat, turn into a jack-o-lantern just like that!”

  • Race the clock to wrap the mummy with rolls of toilet paper.
  • Hide candy bars for a hide and seek game.
  • Make a Jack-o-lantern or ghost bean bag toss game using a box and paint.
  • Stick the Nose on Jack…a Halloween version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  • Have the kids make their own Spider Treat Cups and give them choices of fun treats to put inside.
  • Use glow in the dark and Halloween themed pony beads for a beading project.
  • Decorate Halloween cookies…use a few muffin tins to keep frosting and candies in order. Wood craft sticks work well when frosting with lots of kids.
  • Printable Halloween games for kids are always a good way to keep little ones entertained.
    Make ghostly lollipops with tissues, napkins or a square of fabric.
  • Let the kids show off their fabulous costumes with a fun Halloween parade through the neighborhood.

Halloween Party Food and Favors

Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

No tricks at this Halloween party, just fun sweets, nutritious snacks and a treat or two to take home!

  • Make a dish of bugs on a log – cream cheese, stuffed celery sticks with cranberries on top.
  • Mini Pigs in a Blanket with pretzel legs become plate of bugs.
  • Adapt your favorite party mix recipe with popcorn and a touch of candy corn to make a tasty Halloween snack.
  • Serve a healthier caramel apple dip that kids love.
  • Serve a ghoulish drink with seltzer water, frozen grapes (eyeballs) and a splash of fruit juice.
  • A fun twist on your regular Rice Krispie recipe – Halloween shaped Rice Krispie Treats
  • A tower of candy corn topped cupcakes is easy and festive.
  • Make a batch of Halloween donut ghosts.
  • Another favorite Halloween dessert is a cup of Worms in the Dirt which is pudding covered with crushed chocolate cookies and gummy worms.
  • Get creative and add your favorite trail mix or candy to a Spider Treat Cup.
  • Create a friendly spooky treat by creating Monster Eyeball Cake Treats. The kids will go crazy over them.
  • For a sugar-free party favor try a glow-stick, stickers, Halloween beanie toy and cheese crackers all put in an orange party cup you’ve decorated to look like a jack-o-lantern.

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