Spellbinding Ideas for a Harry Potter Party

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Harry Potter Party Ideas
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For the Harry Potter fan in your life, we have a magical party blueprint that is sure to make your little (or big) wizard spellbound. We have décor ideas to transform any space into a Hogwarts look-a-like and food ideas that are both iconic and simple enough for any muggle to pull together.

With a giant selection of Harry Potter party supplies to choose from the whole party will come together as easy as a flick of the wand. Do we even have to suggest making it a costume party? Halloween or not, this is one party theme the looks best when everyone comes dressed according to the Hogwart’s dress code.

The Acceptance Letter- Harry Potter Party Invitations

Harry Potter Party Invitations

Cast a spell on your guest “students” from the very start by sending these Wizard Personalized Invitations. We added faux wax seals to the envelopes for even more charm (TIP: Melt red crayons until pliable and shape into a “seal”. While still warm, use a pen or pencil to etch a monogram).

Harry Potter Party Decorations

Harry Potter Party Decorations

Welcome Station

Greet “students” with a bewitching display of enchanting details such as:

  • A Sorting Hat set atop stacked trunks.
  • A sign reminding everyone to check their Quidditch Brooms before entering the party area.
  • Potions bottles, feather “quills” and a framed Fat Lady portrait.

Harry Potter Party Tablescape

The Great Hall

Mimic the grandeur of the Great Hall with these fantastical décor ideas:

  • Wood tables and benches.
  • Battery operated candles hanging from fishing line.
  • Skeleton keys adorned with vellum wings and flying overhead via fishing line.
  • House Flag Standards. We took Hogwarts House FlagsGryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin– and pinned coordinating fabric to the bottoms. Next, we wired them to gold painted PVC pipe lengths and pounded the PVC pipe into the ground. To keep the fabric from flopping around we gathered it at the bottom of the pipe and secured it with black duct tape.

Harry Potter Party Tableware

The Feast- Harry Potter Party Food Ideas

Harry Potter Party Food

With a flick and swish of a wand, simple grocery store fare can be transfigured into a glorious feast:

  • Serve “butter beer”, aka cream soda topped with whipped cream, in Skull Goblets.
  • Apple juice mixed with pumpkin puree and various spices is an easy version of the infamous “Pumpkin Juice”.
  • Pre-packaged mashed potatoes, rotisserie chicken and steamed corn-on-the-cob are all quick and delicious savory offerings.

Sweets from the Trolley- Harry Potter Party Desserts

Harry Potter Party Desserts

  • “Students” will leap for chocolate frogs (TIP: Find candy molds online).
  • Transform chocolate hazelnut truffles into golden snitches by adding golden wings.
  • Give a nod to Harry’s special day with a birthday cake decorated ala Hagrid style.
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs and Dementor Chocolate are all iconic party musts.

Quidditch Match- Harry Potter Party Activities

Harry Potter Party Activities

Both wizards and muggles will have a whizzingly good time playing Quidditch. Get the Quidditch Hoop DIY here.  Encourage guests to come dressed the part. Find Quidditch brooms and equipment here. Or for more formal attire, there are plenty of Harry Potter House Robes, Ties and Wands to choose from.

The House Cup- Harry Potter Party Favors

Harry Potter Party Favors

As “students” are ready to make their return trip home on the Hogwarts Express, award them a Harry Potter Tote stuffed full of mystical trinkets and goodies such as Jelly Slugs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, a Golden Snitch and Harry Potter Tattoos and Rubber Bracelets.

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