DIY Party Theme: Hollywood Nights

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HollywoodNights1A blockbuster Hollywood party for teens!

Planning a birthday party for particular teens can be a bit tricky but this Hollywood Nights party theme has proven to be a smash hit every time. The flexibility makes it a favorite for pre-teens, co-ed parties, sweet sixteen, Bar Mitzvah and even eighteen year old birthdays. Just be sure you involve the birthday teen in every aspect along the way…and your award winning party will be as easy as 1,2,3!

Hollywood Nights Party Invitations & Decorations

HollywoodNights2With a teen birthday party you don’t want to go “over the top” with the theme; include Hollywood  Nights props and decorations but steer away from too many matching paper products.

  • Your teen can use their computer skills to make VIP set passes, casting call sheets or movie ticket invitations add a pinch of Mylar star confetti in the envelope.
  • Online E-vites are a popular way to go with teens.
  • Do you have a garage, rec room or large outside area to give the kids space…you just need to keep one eye open and set some limits with the birthday child first.
  • The color scheme for this party is red, black, white and silver.
  • Welcome guests with a red carpet entrance or make stars for the “Walk of Fame”
  • Find Hollywood Scene Kit, Walk-of-Fame stars, a red carpet runner and more from our party supply partner.
  • Fill the entrance and party room with white twinkle lights, star covered gossamer and party streamers and balloons to match the color scheme.
  • Your event will be truly star studded with life-sized cutouts of your teenager’s favorite Hollywood celebrities; classics like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable or New and popular stars like Brad Pitt and Keira Knightley and don’t forget to order a custom cutout of the birthday honoree!
  • Movie posters on the wall are a great addition. To keep your budget in mind, order posters using online auction sites.
  • Cover the table or tables with black tablecloths and star confetti.
  • Add a star spray centerpiece, plastic “Oscar statue” or a small balloon bouquet placed in a popcorn cup.
  • Silver plastic tableware and two tone party plates will also add color to the table.
  • If there is a  dance floor, cover it with Hollywood Walk-of-Fame stars using the names of the guests on the stars of course.
  • Complete the effect by hanging shining paper stars from the ceiling.

Hollywood Nights Party Games & Crafts

HollywoodNights3The kids will mostly just ” hang out” but a few planned activities (with your child’s permission) is usually a good idea.

  • Rent or purchase a Karaoke machine; it’s always a hit and you can keep with your theme by selecting popular movie songs. The machine is a fun birthday gift as well!
  • Divide the guests into teams for a game of Movie trivia. Give each team a card of questions…the first team to answer all of the questions correctly first, wins! Prizes can be movie money, theater sized candy bars and famous posters.
  • Play a classic or favorite movie in a location where the kids can wander in and out to watch.
  • Play a game of movie themed charades.
  • Provide a Flip camera for movie making fun.

Hollywood Nights Party Favors & Food

HollywoodNights4Teens love to munch, so provide their favorites and you’ll be good to go.

  • In keeping with the Hollywood theme provide small movie popcorn cups and a big batch of popcorn.
  • Pizza of course, or foot long sandwiches are always a favorite.
  • Attempt to serve something healthy with veggies and dip.
  • Jones sodas are super popular with teens.
  • Set up a “do-it-yourself” beverage bar with the makings for Italian sodas and flavored seltzers.
  • Cupcakes with edible glitter look very “Hollywood”
  • Make your own ice-cream sundaes…yum!
  • Older kids don’t usually expect party favors but you can give prizes as a thank you such as movie passes, candy, soda or $5.00 Starbucks cards.