DIY Party Theme: Hula Hoop Party

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Throw a hula hooping party extravaganza for tweens and teens!

Hula hoops, the toy craze from the 50’s are back in fashion with kids and adults of all ages. You’ll see “hooping” on the Wii video fitness game, in health clubs and even at music festivals. So why not throw a hula hoop party with fun activities, hooping lessons, tasty teen-friendly food and music? This party guide will make it a breeze!

Hula Hoop Party Invitations and Decorations

Set the stage for your hooping party with creative invitations and hula hoop inspired decorations.

  • Hula HoopCut circles or rings from cardstock paper , one for each guest. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the ring. Then cut a stick figure person from another color. Before you put the invitation pieces together write the party details on the ring. Glue the stick figure so that it hangs down into the hoop.
    Add a decorative ribbon to the hole (see image )
  • Then gently fold it in half or personally deliver the invitations with a Jones’ Soda.
  • I like the idea of combining the hula hoops with a cheerful daisy theme; kind of like a nice summer day – fill your party space with bright yellow, grass green and white balloons.
  • Gather bunches of 5 balloons together and tie them to a paper cover brick weight or bags of color coordinated jelly beans.
  • Continue the daisy theme with a fresh daisy filled vase centerpiece and matching tableware.
  • Use a clothesline or string between to trees, to hang the letters of the guest of honor’s name or “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” using brightly colored plastic clothespins.
  • You can also use a 50’s decorating theme and ask your guests to dress up in fifties fashion.
  • Try a “groovy” music festival tie dye decorating style. Either way you just need standard balloons, streamers and party ware because most of this party is based on the hula hoop activities. Just keep it bright and fun!

Hula Hoop Party Games and Crafts

As you know, preteens and teenagers can be particular, so it’s best to consult with the guest of honor before preparing the activities for this older kid party.

  • Hula HoopHula hoops for everyone are a must and it’s tons of fun to have the kids make their own. If you are hosting a large group of kids, you and your daughter may want to make the hoops ahead of time. Party guests can personalize their hoops with colored electrical tape, duct tape, hemp string or yarn. Here’s a great hula hoop making site.
  • Hire an instructor or group of hula hoop performers to come to the party. See listings online, check with a local fitness center or college.
    This Hula Hoop site may be a good place to start…
  • Make sure you have a nice loud sound system all ready to go with kid selected music,because hooping is just more fun with music.
  • Once the hoops are made and decorated, the group can practice and have fun for awhile while “hanging out”, snacking etc.
  • Make a video of the hula hooping party guests and can send it to them after the party.
  • Kids 9-13 may want to play some hula challenge games…
    The longest standing “hooper”, best combination of hoop tricks , or a follow the leader type of game.
  • If you have plenty of space, divide into teams for a “Pass the Hoop” relay race game.
    Where the object of the game is to be the first team to pass the hoop all the way down the line and back . The tricky part is that the players are actually spinning the hoop on their arms while they passing it down the line.
  • Roll hoops through a slalom course made with cones or chairs…fastest time wins!
  • Use small hoops to play a giant ring toss game. The targets can be a garbage can, chair or even a person, as long as they are wearing safety gear like a bike helmet — kids love this game!
  • Depending on the length of your party and whether you have a visiting hoop instructor , you may want to provide the supplies for a fun craft activity like hemp braiding or a decorate your own Flip-Flop craft. Set the supplies on tables with patterns or provide instructions.

Party Tip:
When setting up craft supplies try putting beads and smaller items in muffin tins at the table. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need this activity wait to open the packages so that you can return your purchase at the craft store.

Hula Hoop Party Food and Favors

Kids this age usually have big appetites with easy to please palettes. Ask the birthday child what they’d like to serve.

  • Serve a summer barbecue menu with burgers, hot dogs, chips and watermelon.
  • Platters of sub sandwiches are always a hit. Keep the condiments chilled and on the side and provide knives for spreading.
  • Beverages can be anything from lemonade to soda – Jones drinks and Gatorade  or a fun beverage station where the kids can mix their own drinks is always fun. Provide Italian syrups, fruit juices, seltzer and ice cubes.
  • Bubble tea is popular with teens and can be made with flavored syrups for more fun. — see the video below for instructions.
  • Fruit kabobs and veggie platter with dip.
  • Ice cream sandwiches fit the bill for teens.
  • Hula Hoop cupcakes…frost cupcakes with bright green frosting. Use pieces of Twizzler Pull and Peel candy to make hoops.
    Press the candy hula hoops upright into the cupcakes.
  • Even teens like a thank you gift…your guests will go home with their new hula hoops and a copy of the hula hoop music mix.
    with a nice hand made cover.
  • If you are hosting the party at home and you have a helper…take photos of each guest hula hooping and then send the helper inside to make copies on the computer. Otherwise, include the photos with the thank you notes.