DIY Party Theme: Ice Cream Birthday

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Get the scoop on throwing a sweet party for babies and toddlers!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Decorate for an elaborate party with an ice cream parlor theme, or keep it simple with a few traditional party decorations. Either way these ideas will be what you need to get party guests in the mood for fun!

  • IceCreamUse your computer to make invitations to enjoy a party at your child’s Ice Cream Parlor …
    “Come to Abby’s Ice Cream Parlor – you’re in for a real treat”
    “Here’s the Scoop” – followed by the party details.
  • Decorate with balloons, streamers and curling ribbon in pink, brown and white (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla of course).
  • Gather helium balloons in bunches of five or seven for the best effect. Tie the balloons to a heavy book and place the book in colored gift bags.
  • Use the crepe paper streamers to make a festive party canopy above the table and to decorate the party entrance.
  • For a budget party banner with a creative touch hang pink, brown and white paper circles from a ribbon to say happy birthday to the guest of honor!
  • If your party is for a boy use red and white for your colors.
  • Cover your table with a white or pink table cover. Run several lengths of matching curling ribbon down the center to create a simple table runner.
  • Make a centerpiece with pretend tissue ice cream cones (see below)  displayed in a cupcake tower.
  • Place a plastic ice cream sundae cup at each child’s place setting with a personalized party blower place setting.

Emily over at TinyBelles decorated her daughter’s garden ice cream party with these homemade tissue ice cream cones. What a creative mom idea and I love the way they look hanging from a tree. If your party is indoors, hang them from the ceiling or dazzle your guests with an indoor ice cream tree made with dried branches in a planter pot. See how to make them here…

Ice Cream Party Games and Crafts

If your party is for a one to three year old, it will likely involve older kids and adults, which means you should plan your party games accordingly and plan a very easy activity and some free play options for little hands to enjoy. Here are some favorite ideas to get you started.

  • IceCream3Play “fill-the-cone” by tossing pink brown and white balls into a round brown laundry basket. Add a red ball for the cherry on top!
  • Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone, an ice cream version of Pin the Tale on the Donkey. You just a need a very simple drawing…remember they are children not art critics!
  • Have blind-folded ice cream flavor tasting game — the winning guess gets a Baskin & Robbins gift card! Be sure to use complex ice cream flavors.
  • Provide ice cream puzzles, coloring sheets and play dough for little hands to enjoy.
  • Pass the Parcel is fun to play with any party theme!
  • Race a clock to stack cake ice cream cones.
  • Play an ice cream trivia game with the big kids and adults. Ben and Jerry’s an Baskin & Robbins websites have fun facts to use.
  • Even little ones enjoy kicking a ball, so purchase an ice cream ball… the kids will make just enough ice cream for tasting and it is a fun activity as well.  Add buckets or field cones for a game challenge.
  • The main activity for this party can also be ice cream sundae building – provide all of the fixing of a real ice cream parlor with a variety of sprinkles, toppings, whipped cream and of course cherries for the top!

Ice Cream Party Food and Favors

While the main treat for this party is the ice cream itself , parents will appreciate your serving some protein and healthy snacks as well.

  • IceCreamCheese cubes, with grapes look festive when served in paper cupcake liners!
  • Serve Shirley temples or seltzer with a touch of fruit juice in soda shop glasses.
  • Salty snacks such as crackers, pretzels or popcorn (not for little ones) add a nice contrast to the sweet treats.
  • Tie a “thanks for coming” note and a pouch of sprinkles (also called jimmies) to an old fashioned styled ice cream scoop or ice cream shop gift card, for a special  party favor.

How cute would these  ice cream cone cake pops from Bakerella be for a home-made party favor? While I haven’t made them myself, I’d imagine they could be packaged in treat bags from the craft store and sent home as a party favor. Be sure to visit her site for clear and complete instructions… she makes it look pretty easy!