DIY Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

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Take a look outside. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the apples and pumpkins are ripe for the picking. That can only mean one thing: Fall is here! And with the arrival of Fall, we’re prepared to eat good food and wear sweatshirts and decorate with reds, yellows, and oranges.

The wreaths and leaf decorations are always a hit, and who loves crafting more than kids? This Autumn, Wholesale Party Supplies is giving you a way to give your little guy or gal the perfect good time with these easy to do, fun to make Fall crafts!

As the temperatures start to descend and the weather becomes a bit more unpredictable, help kids transition from outdoor to indoor activities with some nature inspired crafting. With a few hours and some basic supplies kids can create three thematic art pieces certain to add a bold impact to any fall décor, especially when they’re on your mantel!

The first two projects are a great reason to head outside for a collecting adventure. Gather up a handful, or two, of leaves and small branches, making sure to keep the sizes and shapes varied.

Leaf Rubbing

Leaf Rub 1

Turn leaves into art with a few swipes of a crayon. This craft is so simple that even the littlest of hands can accomplish it with ease.

Leaf Rub 2

Stay clear of dry, brittle leaves. They tend to crumple with the pressure of the crayon.

Leaf Rub 3

STEP 1: Lay leaf on a smooth surface or if desired, use a work surface that’s got some texture to it (such as a gridded craft mat) for added dimension and depth. Place paper over leaf.

Leaf Rub 4

STEP 2: Swipe an unwrapped crayon on the paper over the leaf. A heavier swipe will bring out more detail, such as veining, and multiple passes will darken the image. Run the crayon swipes from paper edge to paper edge for more color. Repeat process with different color crayons and leaf placement.

Leaf Rub 5

STEP 3: Frame leaf rubbing in a wide mat to complete that art gallery look.

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins 1

Next time you’re at a discount store grab some inexpensive plastic pumpkins for painting. Don’t worry if they don’t match or go with your décor color scheme; white paint will unify them and give kids a clean slate to decorate.

Painted Pumpkins 2

Washable Tempera Paints help to keep clean-up easy and frustration free.

Painted Pumpkins 3

STEP 1: Paint pumpkin white. It might be wise to remind kids that when painting multiple light layers are best. TIP: If you wanted to speed this step up, use spray paint to base coat the pumpkin.

Painted Pumpkins 4

STEP 2: Add the color and flair. Having different size brushes available will help kids create a wide variety of designs and motifs.

Painted Pumpkins 5

STEP 3: Once dry, add ribbon and twine to the stems for added color and texture.

Crafted Branches

Leaf Branches

These crafted branches mimic the colorful nature display happening outside this time of year. Party streamers make perfect leaves because they are easy to shape and thin enough for little hands to cut multiple layers at one time.

Leaf Branches

If crafters are too small for handling a hot glue gun, adhesive glue rounds can be substituted. TIP: Avoid using liquid glue because streamers can bleed color when subject to moisture.

Leaf Branches 2

Step 1: Cut streamers into leaf length strips.

Leaf Branches 3

Step 2: Cut strips into leaf shapes.

Leaf Branches 4

Step 3: Glue leaves to branches. Use a small dab of glue to hold the leaf both to itself and to the branch.

Display branches in vintage milk bottles wrapped with jute.

For ideas on how to showcase these projects on your seasonal fall mantel, go here. Share your fall crafts with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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