DIY Party Crafts – Ladybug Lids

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Decorate your party table with these adorable ladybugs!

Planning a ladybug birthday party? Save the lids from spice jars, milk jugs or juice containers to make these adorable little ladybugs.
We made ours before the party to use as ladybug placeholders on the table, but if the children are old enough, they’ll have fun making this craft together during the party.

Craft Materials:

    • Ladybug2Red plastic lids from milk jugs, spice jars, juice tops etc.
    • Green craft foam
    • Black sticky-backed craft foam
    • Small black sticker dots, or black acrylic paint
    • Small wiggle eyes
    • Black permanent marker
    • Glue dots (mini)
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
    • Cotton swabs and fine paintbrushes  (optional if you are painting)

Before the Party:

Follow all of the steps below beforehand if you are making these to decorate your table with ladybug placeholders.
If the kids will be making their own during the party, have as many of the supplies ready as possible. Using glue dots and stickers will avoid drying time and mess. That being said,  black acrylic paint will dry quickly and you can have the children use cotton swabs to paint the dots.

  1. Wash and dry all of the lids thoroughly. Prepare a few extras just in case.
  2. Cut a 5″x5″ green craft foam square per child.
  3. With a pencil, draw a teardrop or leaf shape on one side of the green foam.
  4. On the back of the black foam, draw one small circle for each child. The size will vary depending on the size of the red lid. We used a water bottle lid to trace our circle. Cut the circles (optional).
  5. Open sticker packages or collect paint trays. We use plastic lids from oatmeal, breadcrumb or yogurt containers. That way you can toss then out after the party.
  6. Cover the work space.
  7. If the children will be painting, collect small cups for water and paper towels.


Party Time:

  1. LadybugCut the green leaf shape.
  2. Cut the black circle.
  3. Stick the black circle on the leaf, leaving enough room for the ladybug body.
  4. Draw a line down the center of the red lid to make the wings.
  5. Now paint, draw or use stickers to add the dots on the wings.
  6. Attach the ladybug body to the head leaving about half of the black circle exposed. We used glue dots, but a glue gun or craft foam glue will also work.
  7. Use glue dots to add the wiggle eyes.
  8. Draw antennae.
  9. Write the guests name on the leaf and your done.