Light Switch Plate Craft

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Kids of all ages can decorate light switch plates to match any party theme!

Decorate a Switch Plate

Provide fun craft supplies and the kids at your party can decorate their own light switch plates to take home. This party craft is always a hit and the fact that you can cover the light switch with a collage using virtually any paper product helps you coordinate the activity to a variety of party themes.

Craft Materials:craft materials

  • Plastic or wood light switch plates
  • Mod-Podge sealer (craft store)
  • Disposable paintbrushes
  • Paper plates or wax paper squares for work areas
  • Small paper cups or cupcake liners
  • Scissors
  • Craft paper, stickers, wrapping paper, photos, tissue paper, comics, magazine pictures, glitter…

Before the Party:

  1. Remove the switch plates from the plastic wrappers.
  2. Prepare stickers and paper by removing them from the package if needed.
  3. Write the guest’s names on paper plates.

Party Time:

  1. Protect your work table with a table cloth or paper.
  2. Pour Mod-Podge into small cups, trays or cupcake liners and place them where they can be easily reached.
  3. Give  each child a light switch plate, disposable brush and paper plate or wax paper square to use for a work area.
  4. Each guest should gather the paper scraps, photos or stickers they’d like to use for their collage.
  5. Apply a small amount of Modge-Podge in one area of the switch plate and place the paper on top.
  6. Apply more Mod-Podge….
  7. Repeat this step until the switch plate is completely covered even going around the edges a bit.
  8. Apply another layer or two of Mod-Podge.
  9. If the swithc hole is covered, make a slit with scissors, gently push the paper through the hole and wrap it around the edges securing it with mod-podge to the back of the plate.
  10. Leave on the plate to dry.

Light Switch Craft

Our Expert Suggestions:

  • If you are working with young children, cut and prepare the paper scraps  before the party and have plenty of grown-up helping hands available.
  • Wax paper is the perfect option for a work area when younger children are participating because they will likely use more Mod-Podge which can cause the light switch plate to stick to the paper plate.