Marvel At These DIY Avengers & X-Men Party Centerpieces

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With so many Marvel blockbusters being released in 2016, it just made sense to Wholesale Party Supplies to help you throw the ultimate comic book bash.

Between DeadpoolX-Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, and later this year, Doctor Strange, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing fanboys and girls to a whole new slate of characters; that seems to us like reason enough to celebrate. Use these DIY centerpieces to replicate the look of your favorite hero’s hands, and make it seem like you have some special guests crashing your parties.

Hulk Hand

Hulk Hand

Is there any greater association in Marvel Comics than Bruce Banner and his signature smash? Use this DIY Hulk Centerpiece post to help you make your party guests green with envy.

Thor Hand

Thor Hand

Even a Norse hero needs some help, and Thor’s trusty hammer Molinjor is the perfect addition to your gathering of the gods. This DIY Thor Hand Centerpiece is sure to bring the thunder.

SpiderMan Hand

Spider-Man Hand

How’s it hangin’? Things will be on the up and up at your Spider-Man party once you add this DIY Hand from your neighborhood friendly web-slinger.

Wolverine Hand

Wolverine Hand

Not only do the admantium claws protruding through knuckles of this centerpiece serve as protection, but the classic blue and yellow below it brings some always-appreciated nostalgia as you recall the glory day of Wolverine and the animated X-Men.

With options including two Avengers, the leader of the X-Men and your neighborhood friendly Spider-Man, there’s no way you can go wrong at your Marvel party this summer. And if you’re looking for a few more party ideas, be sure to check out the selection of Spider-Man and Avengers Party Supplies.

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