DIY Party Theme: Mermaid Birthday

Mermaid Party
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Make a splash with this mermaid party theme for girls!

Does your little girl have a fascination with mermaids and a life under the sea? Then planning her next birthday party will be as easy as 1-2-3 when you use this mermaid birthday party guide including party decorations, games, crafts, party food and so much more.

Invitations & Decorations

When decorating for a mermaid themed party, there is no such thing as going over the top… which is why it’s so much fun! Here are some ideas to inspire you…

  • Trace and cut starfish from card-stock paper. Write the details on one side with a gel pen. Decorate the edges of the other side with pretty glitter glue.
  • Write invitations on ocean themed scrapbook paper (craft store). Roll the invitation and tie it with a seashell bracelet or tuck the invitation into a pretty sea shell and hand deliver it to build excitement.
  • Decorate with basic mermaid party supplies such as tableware, balloons and streamers using an aqua, pink, and purple color scheme.
  • Enhance your theme by decorating the party space with fun mermaid and ocean props like a variety of shells on the table, inflatable crabs, fish etc.
  • Decorate your entrance with sand and shells. Include a bubble maker for fun!
  • Wrap the prints on your wall with Little Mermaid or Ocean wrapping paper.
  • Your space will look like an underwater world when you hang paper seashells, seahorses and fish from the ceiling with fish line. Add green streamers  “seaweed”.
  • If your daughter owns Little Mermaid toys, save some money by including them in the under-the-sea decorating.
  • Play the Little Mermaid movie on mute or very quietly just to add the imagery.
  • Cut shells from construction paper to use as place mats or coasters. And make your own two tone party plates for added “pop”!
  • Use a piece of hologram or shimmery fabric, white twinkle lights and tulle for a do-it-yourself mermaid table runner.
  • Fill a jar or vase with seashells and sand or maybe even include live goldfish bowls on the table decor.
  • Tie aqua colored gossamer or the hologram fabric around the birthday girls chair.
  • To avoid an overdone table, mix and match solid colored tableware with a few mermaid accents such as the napkins and cups.
  • Sea shells make great place card holders and Swedish fish scattered around each place setting will be a fun treat.

Party Games & Crafts

With a swish of your mermom tail and these mermaid party games you’ll keep guests entertained and happy! Select several that work with your party space, budget and the age of the children.

  • As guests arrive apply a small amount of kid safe body glitter to their cheeks or face paint. And top it off with a shell necklace.
  • Use wired star garland to make pretty mermaid crowns for the guests before the party. Or if the girls are old enough and you have a helper, this activity can be done during the party.
  • Old favorite with a new twist – Play a mermaid version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with “Stick the Pearl on the Shell”. Craft foam and poster board will make creating this game a breeze.
  • Play a mermaid version of a fishing game where the players fish for objects from the bottom of the sea such as shells, seahorses and crabs.
  • Which shell contains the beautiful pearl? Play a shell guessing game with three shells and a pearl.
  • Go on a hunt for ocean treasures such as shells, plastic ocean creatures or flashcards.
  • Hide small toys and chocolate coins in a big box of blue and white shredded paper and have a search for treasures from the ocean.
  • Take a guess at how many shells in a jar.
  • Play Octopus tag where the players hold hands after being tagged until they make a giant octopus.
  • New twist on a party favorite – play a mermaid version of a “Duck, Duck, Goose” game with “Mermaid, Mermaid, Shark”.
  • New twist on a party favorite – play a mermaid version of Simon Says or Mother May I with ”King Triton Says” or “King Triton, may I swim two big strokes?” etc.
  • Make beautiful beaded mermaid necklaces or bracelets with ocean themed kid-friendly beads or try this edible jewelry craft.
  • Older girls will enjoy making their own under water globes with baby food jars.
  • If the children need settling down to close the party, read a Little Mermaid story or watch a short episode of the animated show together.

Party Food & Favors

Mermaid PartyIf you are serving a light lunch or snacks, feed your little mermaids food that’s fun to eat. And then send them home with an enchanted party bag. Here are the favorites for this party theme…

  • Cream cheese and jelly or meat and cheese pinwheel sandwiches look like edible shells.
  • Cut cheese quesadillas with sea life cookie cutters.
  • Dipped strawberries in white chocolate.
  • Madeline cookies dipped in white or pink chocolate look like fancy shells.
  • Strawberry milk or smoothies topped with a dollop of whip cream and sprinkles is a special treat!
  • Kid-safe fruit kabobs with melon balls, grapes and strawberries are a healthy and tasty treat.
  • Top blue frosted cupcakes with a shell shaped Bavarian chocolate.
  • Or, top blue cupcakes with Swedish fish or mermaid themed rings
    Tip: Food color spray will add a nice effect for Mermaid touch on white frosting.
  • Place a few small party favors in a large shell, then wrap the gift in a clear cellophane party bag. Close the bag with a pretty party ring or hair tie.
  • Favorite party favors for this theme are lip gloss, glitter pens, play jewelry, hair ties, Disney princess collector cards, coloring books, crayons, mini-books and Swedish fish candy.