DIY Party Decorations: Mickey & Minnie Mouse

DIY Party Decorations: Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Mickey Party Decorations
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Homemade party decorations even non-crafters can make!

Spend a few minutes on Etsy or Pinterest and the average mom can easily feel inadequate and completely lacking in artistic ability. If you feel a little craft-challenged, its time to “get your creativity on” with these easy to make Minnie or Mickey Mouse birthday party decorations.

Cutting perfect circles is actually harder than you would think, especially if you need to cut several. We recommend tracing cookie cutters, glassware, dishes  or even using a protractor to make your circles. You will need to cut several circles in varying sizes for this party, and while a cutting tool is not necessary, it does make things a little easier. In the interest of full disclosure, We used an EK Success Circle Scissor to cut the circles for the Minnie and Mickey Mouse party ideas –  but then again I had to cut quite a few for photos and such.

Materials Needed:Mickey-5
For the most part you need the same supplies to make all three Mouse Decorations… or is it Mice decor?

  • Black construction paper
  • Patterned card stock paper (bows for Minnie)
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter (bows for Minnie)
  • Objects for tracing circles, a protractor or a cutter
  • White pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Glue dots
  • Black yarn or ribbon (party banner)
  • Sewing machine (hanging decorations)


Follow steps 1-5 for all three decorations but in varying sizes.

  1. Measure the length of the banner that you want to make before  tracing in cutting your circles and bows.  Determine how many “Minnie Mouse”  shapes and bows you’ll need to fill the length. You want a bow or Minnie Mouse about every 3 inches to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Trace appropriate size circles -mine are 4 inches for the head and the ears are 2 1/2 inches.
  3. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to trace your bow shaped along the fold of card stock paper.
  4.  Cut all of your shapes – cut extra circles to make straw tops
  5. Use glue dots to attach Minnie’s ears (small circles) to her head (large circle).

Mickey or Minnie Mouse Party BannerMickey-2

  1. Use your hole punch to make holes  located around the bottom portion of the ears.  In my first attempt, my holes were placed too low on the larger circle so the ears made my mouse top-heavy causing it to flip over.  That’s why recommend you use your hole punch higher on a larger circle.  You can tell where I’ve placed my lacing holes  by looking at my photos.
  2. Now it’s time to lace your Minnie (or Mickey) Mouse  has alternating with the paper bows.

Hang your party banner using thumbtacks or any other means you choose.

1-2-3 Tip:  If you feel inspired you can use a white or light colored pencil to write the birthday child’s name or age on the mouse shapes.  You may also want to add small bows to the Minnie Mouse shapes.  We felt that the bigger paper bows were effective and didn’t want to take the time to cut and glue small bows.

Minnie Mouse Bow-tastic (or Mickey Mouse) Hanging DecorationMickey-3

  1. Follow the same steps listed above for cutting the circles and bows.
    Each Minnie Mouse will need two bows so they look the same on both sides.
  2. Use a glue stick to attack the ears and bows.
  3. Prepare your sewing machine for a straight stitch and sew the Mouse heads together- be sure to sew straight down the middle and leave spaces in between.
  4. Now you can hang your banners from the ceiling, light fixtures or doorways.

Mickey Mouse Party Straw Labels

  1. Follow the same steps listed above for cutting the circles. I suggest making the head about 2 inches and the ears about 1 inch.
  2. Glue the ears to the head.
  3. Fold the shape in half and cut two small slits to make the the straw hole. Insert the drinking straw through the opening.