Minnie Mouse Party Garland – 3 Styles

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Minerva “Minnie” Mouse- half of the most famous Disney couple out there. Minnie and Mickey have been boyfriend and girlfriend for what seems like forever, but in reality, only about 90 years! Well, we love her equally as much as Mickey and we’re pretty sure that feeling is shared with loads of adoring fans around the globe.

If you happen to have one of those adoring fans living in your house, could there be a better theme for their next birthday? There are party supplies a-plenty to fully outfit the celebration with decor galore, but if you have knack for DIY here are a few ideas to add a bit of customization to the collection.

Scratch Art Party Garland

Minnie Scratch Art Banner Final

Supplies needed:

  • Scratch Art Board
  • Stencils 3’
  • Nail Sanding Block
  • Card Stock cut into 4” squares
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Double Stick Tape

Minnie Scratch Art Banner Steps

Stencils for this project can be purchased at nearly any craft store or created using an electronic die cutting machine. These stencils were cut out of a 3″ square. The Scratch Art Board pieces are 3.5 inches, so the extra half an inch creates a nice frame for the letter or shape.

Place the stencil over the scratch board, centering it in the middle. Hold it in place as you gently rub the exposed areas of the letter or shape as well as the outer border with the sanding block, exposing the colorful rainbow effect.

Once all the sanding is done, mount each of the pieces on a piece of the card stock (cut in 4” squares). Punch a hole on two sides of the card stock mat. Thread ribbon through the holes to form the banner.

Minnie’s Café Party Garland

Minnie Cupcake Banner


  • Black poster board
  • Colored poster board
  • Card stock
  • Double stick tape
  • White opaque painter pen
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

The idea for this banner came from the party ware which has illustrations of a Minnie’s Café sign, cupcakes, cake pops or lollipops, a tea pot and tea cup as well as Minnie. These illustrations provide a lot of ideas for decorations that could be used, such as a sign outside that says, “Minnie’s Café this way” as is seen on the table cover.

For this banner,  the café sign and cupcakes were used. To create the banner, use black poster board to give the look of a chalkboard. Cut the poster board in a symmetrical shape of your choice. Cut a larger shape out of colored poster board to create a frame. Use a white paint pen for the writing, penciling in the writing in first.

These cupcakes were cut on an electronic cutting machine but a simpler version can easily be hand cut or die cuts can be purchased and used if a cutting machine is not an option. Punch holes in the center sign and surrounding cupcakes. Thread ribbon through the holes to create the banner.

Cello Favor Bag Party Garland

Minnie Mouse Head Banner

Supplies needed:

  • Hot Pink Loot Bags
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Double stick tape
  • Hole punch
  • Black Card Stock
  • Circles (can use household items for patterns) 3 inch and 5 inch
  • Ribbon (curling or fabric)

For your mouse heads, use two three inch circles and one five inch circle to make a pattern. Cut as many heads as desired to create banner, using black card stock and scissors. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each ear.

For the bow, one loot bag can be used to make two bows. First, cut the handle area off straight across. Take that portion and cut the two ends off, saving them to use as the bow center. The actual hole  area of the handle can be thrown away.

Fold the remainder of the loot bag in half, bringing the bottom portion of the bag up to the top. Use the fold line in the center as your guide for cutting the bag in half. Taking one of the cut portions of the bag, gather it in the center between your fingers and secure with clear tape.

Next, use the small piece cut from the handle area to wrap around the gathered center. Secure that small piece with tape on the back of the bow. Using double stick tape, adhere the bow to the mouse head between the ears.

Thread ribbon through the holes in the mouse’s ears from front to back and then out the other side. Your Minnie Mouse Loot Bag Party Banner is ready to hang! Fluff the bows out by reaching into the open portion of the bow and pulling the front and back apart.

If you are one of the clever party people DIY’ing your way through all the milestones in life, share your crafty creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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