Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie

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Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie
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We’ve all seen “doll dress” cakes, but this may just be the world’s first doll dress pie! A deep dish apple pie featuring fang-tastic Monster High fixture Draculaura, is a unique offering to any buffet, but the perfect compliment to our “Monster High Pie Party” spread.

This tutorial uses a 6” pre-baked deep dish apple pie, but this technique will work with any “tall” pie – mile high lemon meringue, deep dish apple or peach, tall ice-cream pies, etc. Anything with a dome at least 5” high will do!

This post and all of the pies have been prepared by our friend Jessica a.k.a. @thepieous on Instagram.


▪ 6” Deep Dish Apple Pie
▪ Pre-made pie crust, or the pie dough of your choice
▪ 1 egg white
▪ Flour
▪ Sugar glue or piping gel (can be purchased at most baking/crafting stores)
▪ Vanilla extract
▪ An oven
▪ A large work surface/cutting board
▪ Scissors
▪ A print out of Draculaura on card stock
▪ A sharp food-safe knife
▪ Toothpick or fondant scoring tool
▪ A parchment lined baking sheet
▪ Food-safe paint brushes
▪ Gel food coloring in black, pink, and purple
▪ Small ceramic containers for mixing food color


Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie Step 1

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

1. Prepare your “base pie” according to your favorite recipe. Here we’ve made a 6” deep dish apple pie and added some star cutouts around the edges. You could use hearts, flowers, or any small cookie cutter you have on hand. Before baking, make sure to cut a small vent hole at the top, and give your entire pie top a generous egg wash. This will ensure a sturdy crust that will hold up to the insertion of the figure in step 7.
2. Next, measure the height of your baked and cooled pie. Find an image of Draculaura from the web and using an image editing program such as Photoshop, create a “tab” over the lower half of the figure’s body that is an inch shorter than the height of your pie. Print the figure on card stock and cut out.

Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie Step 2

3. On a clean and floured work surface, roll out a layer of pie dough and give it a generous egg wash. Roll out a second layer of dough on top of the first layer while the egg is still wet and tap down firmly. This “double dough” preparation is what will give our figure the structural integrity to stand up in the pie without cracking or becoming soggy.
4. Next, place your Draculaura cut out on your dough, and using a very sharp knife, carefully cut around the contours. Use a fondant scoring tool or toothpick to *lightly* score the lines for the dress and other details.

Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie Step 3

5. Transfer the figure as well as some small “petal shapes” to a parchment paper-lined baking tray. Now mix your edible gel food colors in ceramic containers with a small amount of vanilla extract. The alcohol in the extract will help prevent the color from beading up on your dough. With a fine food safe brush, begin outlining the details of the face and different sections of the outfit.
6. Paint the pink areas first, then purple, and finish with the black to prevent color bleeding. As with any watercolor painting, allow the colors to dry slightly between coats unless you want to have a more blended effect.

Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie Step 4
7. Bake the figure and petals for between 7 to 15 minutes depending on the heat of your oven. Keep an eye on it – when the uncolored areas are a light golden brown, you are done! The figure will “puff” during baking – don’t worry about this as it will settle back down as it cools. Allow the figure to fully cool (about 1 hour) and then with a sharp knife *carefully* slice a hole in the top of your finished pie slightly larger than the size of the figure.
8. Slowly and carefully insert the figure into the slot. If you are facing resistance, don’t push – just remove the figure and widen the hole slightly before trying again.

Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie Step 5

9. Once the figure is slotted in place, use your sugar glue to place the “petals” around the perimeter of the figure’s waist, covering up the exposed hole.
10. If you haven’t already, you can add details to the base pie now to match the figure better. Try tinting the cutouts, adding sprinkles, or sugar gluing on some pink and silver dragées for an extra hit of bling!

Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie

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