Monster High Pie Party

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Monster High Party Idea
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Halloween is just around the corner, time to start planning your “Monster High”-themed party… with a twist! While everyone else is doing the same old cake, cupcakes, and cake pops dessert buffet, you’ll be the stand out hit of the season with this monstrously delicious “all pie” offering.

A Monster High Logo lattice pie, Monster High Skull Pie Pops, Monster High Icon Tarts, and a deep dish “Draculara Dress Pie” will get your little pie fiends in the mood to party. You’ll find detailed tutorials for creating all four unique Monster High pie treats in the links below, but feel free to adjust the recipes to feature your favorite fillings and dough recipes.

Of course, delicious as these pie treats are, half the fun is showing them off before everyone digs in! To put your best fang forward and showcase your dessert buffet in its best light, we’ve put together some display suggestions for you, featuring some great products available through our website, as well as your own Monster High dolls and goodies.

We hope you have a ghoulishly good time creating these fang-tastic treats, and send us a photo of *your* Monster High Pie Party! We can’t wait to see what you come up with…

This post and all of the pies have been prepared by our friend Jessica a.k.a. @thepieous on Instagram.

Building the Buffet Table

Monster High Pie Party Buffet Table
1.    First, select an area in your home to serve as your buffet zone. A buffet height table pushed against some empty wall space is ideal, but if you don’t have an empty area of wall readily available you can incorporate a mirror or picture frame into your design.
2.    Using a plastic Monster High table cover, cut a rectangular shape to fit whatever wall frame you have on hand. If you don’t have a wall frame, you can probably score something at a thrift shop for a reasonable amount of money.
3.    Next, attach a large Monster High skull to the center of your frame. You can use pre-made decorations, like a balloon, or you could print out a Monster High skull logo from the internet or draw your own.
4.    With a pad of pink heart post-it notes, start sticking these at random intervals on your wall like confetti. You can include other Monster High icons on the wall too with a few pieces of painter’s tape.
5.    Hang black paper tassels across the top of your frame as the final touch on the wall decor.
6.    Now onto the table! You can place a piece of painted plywood over your table if you feel the table is too small. To avoid creating a tipping hazard, do not extend the plywood too far over the edges. Once you are happy with the table surface, cover with a light colored tablecloth then drape the black spiderweb runner across. Liberally sprinkle the Monster High confetti around.
7.    Assemble the Monster High cardboard dessert display and place on the table, along with your own matching dessert stands. The key to an attractive dessert display is varying the height of your items, so get creative with your risers! You can use upside down bowls, broad candle holders, bits of wood painted black or draped in black fabric… Just make sure that your stands are not top heavy, and secure to your table with duct tape if needed.
8.    Place the Monster High paper plates and napkins in stacks or fans on the table near the front. Stack your cups and fill with your pink cutlery.
9.    From the Monster High table decor set, assemble the standing cardboard hearts, and place the smaller hearts into place card holders or any other standing clip you have access to.
10.    To create a color-coordinated lollipop bouquet, fill a stack of Monster High cups with rice, rocks, beans or any other weighted item, and then insert a purple “fireworks spray” or other decorative items with some height. Then begin filling in the lollipops, starting with the largest in the center and working your way out.
11.    If you have some Monster High dolls kicking around, place them on the buffet in jaunty poses now.
12.    Finally, place the tarts, pie pops, mini pie and full-size pie on your dessert stands. You may wish to prop up the large pie with some paper towels and duct tape at the back so that your design will be more visible to folks standing farther away.

Monster High Pie Party Buffet Table Details

Take some pictures and throw open the doors… it’s party time!

Monster High Crest Lattice Pie Monster High Pie Pops
Monster High Cherry Tarts Monster High Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie
Click on any of the images above for the recipe and instructions on how to make the scrumptiously sweet Monster High treats!

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