Movie-Themed Halloween Party Ideas

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Do you have plans to throw a Halloween party, but you’re tired of all the regular ghouls and goblins that you see so often? Why not take some inspiration from your favorite creepy classic and throw a bash that both kids and parents are sure to love?

Here’s a list of our nine favorite movie-themed Halloween party ideas. Which one is your favorite?

9. Frankenweenie Party

Frankenweenie Party

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This new classic from timeless director Tim Burton, in true Burton fashion, has a theme that matches up perfectly with everybody’s favorite October holiday. Young Victor Frankenstein and his dog Sparky would be proud if you chose to throw a Frankenweenie Halloween party.

8. The Evil Queen’s Poisoned Apple Affair

Evil Queen Party

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Take one bite, and all of your dreams will come true, said the Evil Queen as she lured Snow White in with an apple. Dreams really will come true at your Evil Queen-themed Halloween party, though, if you serve everybody’s favorite foods and have a lineup of fun games.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Nightmare Before Christmas Party

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What’s this?! It’s a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Halloween party, of course. Invite Jack and Sally, but think twice before you send a save-the-date to Oogie Boogie. He can be quite the trouble maker.

6. Disney Villains Party

Disney Villains Party

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Avoid all awkward situations, and don’t let yourself be just another poor, unfortunate soul. Join the dark side of Disney by throwing this villains-themed Halloween party, complete with diabolical decorations and plenty of poisoned apples.

5. Monsters, Inc. Party

Monsters Inc Party

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If you’re looking to invite some of the friendlier monsters to this year’s Halloween party to avoid scaring your little ghouls, look no further than Monstropolis. A Monsters, Inc.-themed Halloween party is the perfect solution to putting a smile on your Boo. (Get it?)

4. Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Halloween Party

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Bombarda! In the Harry Potter series, that particular spell is said to provoke a small explosion, but in this case, we’re using it to envoke a small Halloween party! Check out this Harry Potter Halloween party for ideas on how to throw one of your own!

3. Vintage Horror Movie Party

Horror Movie Party

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When you can’t figure out which horror movie is your favorite, what’s the easiest way to decide on a party theme? You include all of them. With this guide to throwing a vintage horror movie-Halloween party, you’ll look like the film expert that you always aspired to be.

2. Maleficent Party

Maleficent Party

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My, my… What an awkward situation. Avoid the awkwardness and just outright invite the Mistress of All Evil to your Maleficent Halloween party this year. After all, you’ve seen what happens when she shows up unexpected.

1. Hocus Pocus Party

Hocus Pocus Party

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No party is Salem is complete without the Sanderson sisters. Keep your youth in tact with Jinx, Billy and the gang as you all celebrate Halloween with a bunch of Hocus Pocus.


Whether you’re more into the creepy or the dastardly or the cuddly, there is a Halloween-themed movie that is perfect for you, and thus a slew Halloween party ideas that you can put to use! Head to Wholesale Party Supplies today to get a head start on shopping for Halloween decorations.

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