Celebrate National Culinary Arts Month with 5 of the Best Foodie Blogs!

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July, the first full month of summer, is a welcome sight on the calendar for many reasons. Beach days, fireworks and some of the best foods the world has to offer. For that reason alone, the fact that July is noted as National Culinary Arts Month seems very appropriate!

National Culinary Arts Month is a great way to honor those who spend their days and nights in the restaurant kitchens, to the moms who brave the heat of the oven to prepare spectacular dinners for their families, and even to the novice cooks who look at beautiful fresh vegetables and long to turn them into ratatouille.

So, for those of you who fancy yourself a foodie, take a scroll through some of the best social media accounts and blogs that take #foodporn to a whole new level!

#1 – @fatandfuriousburger on Instagram

Image via @fatandfuriousburger on Instagram

Image via @fatandfuriousburger on Instagram

What makes this Instagram account so deliciously addicting is not only the scrumptious burgers and sandwiches they make, but the artistry in which they photograph them. Sure, a burger is a burger, but when @fatandfuriousburger creates a new mouth-watering hunk of meat, they take it to a new level.

#2 – @ItsFoodPorn on Twitter


Image via @ItsFoodPorn on Twitter

Salty, Sweet, Savory… The three “S’s” of dessert are certainly represented on @ItsFoodporn’s Twitter feed. They scour the depths of social media to find a variety of amazing desserts, among other dishes; but donuts, ice cream and cookies is where they shine. If you have a sweet tooth that needs constant attention, make sure to follow them and dive in – but leave your diet behind!


#3 – @SmittenKitchen on Instagram


Image via @SmittenKitchen on Instagram

Smitten Kitchen’s IG feed is ripe with luscious desserts and seriously good looking veggies, but this very patriotic berry cake comes complete with a link to recreate your own. Even though July 4th may be over, who do you know that wouldn’t dive in if you showed up at the block party toting this delicious piece of confectionary heaven?


#4 – Perfect Pairings at Home Blog (@CookingDadNJ)


Image via @CookingDadNJ on Instagram

What is a beautiful July afternoon without a nice steak or rack of ribs on the grill, with a fine wine chilling at your side? A blog by New Jersey Native Derek Martin, Perfect Pairings at Home, details his dalliances in the kitchen, while pitting each dish with the perfect complimentary wine. The companion Twitter and Instagram feeds show how much love this cooking dad in New Jersey puts into each dish and companion post. A must follow for those looking to spice up their summer bbq!


#5 – Dash of Grace Blog (@katienwmn)


Image via @katienwmn on Twitter

No matter what your taste in dinner or desserts may be, when we find something that looks so appealing dressed on a plate in front of us we can’t help but break out the phones and put it on our various timelines. But what about the basket of bread that is left to the side – doesn’t that deserve a little love too? A a self-described carb-addict, its one of the first things I reach for. Especially when it looks like this! So, if you have a love of baked goods, that come in all shapes and sizes, find and follow Katie Newman and her blog a Dash of Grace. You won’t regret it when you get a load of these Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls she shared this past Father’s Day!