Nautical Pink Baby Shower

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Nautical Pink Baby Shower Ideas
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Help mom and baby girl sail happily into their new journey together with this pretty Nautical Pink Baby Shower. Partyware and décor in classic seafaring motifs decked out in traditional maritime blue and shades of precious pink get this party shipshape in no time at all.

Invite Your Passengers

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Invitations

Send guests an invitation to sail with these charming Nautical Pink Personalized Invitations. For more personalized impact, add a coordinating sticker to the envelope.

Welcome Everyone Aboard

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Outdoor Decorations

Use Large Cut-Out Shapes to greet guests as they prepare to set sail. Simply use painter’s tape to attach shapes to dowels or lattice strip lengths.

TIP: If the ground is hard and a mallet is needed to pound stakes into it, pound stakes first, then attach shapes.

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Door Decor

Officially welcome passengers aboard with this embellished Large Cut-Out Ship shape. Sticker letters, cardstock pennants and baker’s twine add a personalized touch and encourage guests to get into the spirit of the day.

Call Out the Crew

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Name Tags

In a room full of excited guests, it’s sometimes hard to know who the important people are in baby’s life. Show off who’s who with Personalized Name Buttons. Take the fun one step further and add the buttons to Sailor’s Hats. Mom could always don her own Captain’s Hat and use it later for a great photo op with baby.

Outfitting the Stateroom

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Table

The Nautical Pink Party Collection, with its scalloped edge plates and rope-rimmed cups, makes it quick and easy to set a coordinated table. Combine pre-made items with bright white and wood accent pieces to further emphasize the maritime theme.

  • Wrap Bright Pink Flatware with Pink Napkins then secure by tying with hemp twine and a candy “life preserver”.
  • Layer Nautical Pink Cake Plates atop Nautical Pink Luncheon Plates and 10” Pink Square Plates for a stack of colorful, yet practical, serving options.
  • Photo Props are not just for selfies. Use them as a backdrop to this delightful 3D Sailboat Centerpiece.
  • Personalized enhancements can never beoverusedd. Add Personalized Stickers anywhere a pop of extra fun is needed.
  • For a shipshape backdrop, hang Pink Polka Dot Table Covers, hoist up an embellished wood wheel and some rope wrapped Paper Mache letters.

Cruising through the Ship’s Provisions

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Food

Feed hungry seafarers a combination of savory luncheon items and sweet sea-inspired desserts.

  • Jazz up Pink Polka Dot Cupcake Stands by wrapping punched cardstock borders around the tiers’ edges. Then take it up a notch by topping them with Photo Props.
  • Fill stands with yummy cupcakes adorned with Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers and Whale Picks. For an additional “pick” choice, use Mini-Anchor Spoons. TIP: To keep the pick from being too tall, trim off the spoon portion before inserting.
  • Turn stuffed croissants into adorably edible crabs with two candy eyes a topped two toothpicks. Super cute and super easy!

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Food Details

  • Print witty food names on Personalized Address Stickers then insert into Silver Sailboat Placecard Holders for an elegant and humorous addition to the table.
  • White Sixlet Candies make the perfect pearl accent to these vanilla wafer “Oysters”.
  • Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers are a great serving option for “fish-n-chips”.
  • In the sea of sweets, don’t forget to offer travelers some Pink Buttermint “buoys” as a refreshing treat choice.

All Hands on Deck

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Activities

Get passengers involved in an activity during the shower by setting up a “Wishes Station”.

  • Provide everyone with a Message in the Bottle Party Favor and ask them to write their wishes for baby or mom in it. After they are finished, they can place their bottles on the “beach”. Send home with mom so she can “find” and read the messages when needed.
  • As a unique alternative, use Anchor Sippy Cups as a pen holder and vase for fresh flowers.
  • Decorate the station with a table runner made from Damask Gift Wrap.
  • Use cardstock and baker’s twine to construct a maritime alphabet inspired banner. This one reads “Sweet Baby” but it could easily spell out baby’s name instead. After the party mom can take the banner home and add it to the nursery’s décor.

Bon Voyage Gift

Nautical Pink Baby Shower Favors

Thank seafarers for showering mom and baby with love by sending them home with Nautical Pink Favor Boxes filled with salt water taffy.


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